Is online poker making a comeback

Poker enthusiasts and casino enterprises have been attempting to offer poker-style Vegas games to online players for many years. The legal standing of online poker was murky but now it seems that more gamers have more opportunities to compete in poker online. The increase in players, as well as the increase in featured online poker variations, is good news for the online poker industry in America which believes that the game entertainment will soon start to experience a resurgence.

Casino News for Massachusetts

East Coast gamers are anticipating the long-awaited MGM casino resort's opening which is scheduled for August 24th. In addition to Vegas online entertainment, gamblers will have access to a land-based casino venue with opulent surroundings, top eateries and luxury accommodations.

Much attention has been focused recently on the fate of the Wynn company's Boston Harbor casino project but MGM is now stealing a bit of that thunder with a lavish opening that is drawing attention from casino observers worldwide.

Vegas shooting attack

Shares of MGM Resorts International are plunging and MGM is admitting that it's taking longer than expected to recover from last year’s Mandalay Bay shooting. MGM shares dropped 8.6 percent, from $3.04 billion to $32.29 billion which wiped away about $1.7 billion of market capitalization from its Vegas games empire. Instead of moving ahead after October's Mandalay Bay shooting incident the casino operator is seeing its biggest drop in month.

Wynn Casino Board of Directors

Wynn Resorts is still reeling from the February resignation of company founder and Chief Executive Officer Steve Wynn, his sale of his Wynn Resorts stock holdings and the return to prominence of his ex-wife Elaine. Now deep changes in the Board of Directors are taking place, giving online Vegas casino players and Vegas patrons a chance to see how the company operates.

The company just announced the appointment of three new executives to its Board of Directors. All three are women with extensive experience in management.

NJ residents can now participate in a multi-state poker pool

On May 1st New Jersey will join a multi-state player pool. The state legislature is making a concerted effort to offer expanded gambling opportunities to NJ residents and visitors. This includes their United States Supreme Court suit to be able to offer online sports betting and Grande Vegas online gaming options in the state.

The Poker Pool is just the first in the state's long-awaited expansion of online gambling alternatives for those in the state of New Jersey. On May 1st New Jersey will join a poker pool that presently involves Nevada and Delaware. Poker players will be allowed to compete against each other for cash prizes along with the fun and excitement that goes along with the chance to engage in multi-state poker matches.

Google Loses Court Battle

A major "freedom of information" court case for European Google users was decided this week when a UK judge ordered Google to remove old articles about a businessman's past crime from its search results. With his ruling the judge dealt a blow to Google as it supported Europe's "right to be forgotten" law. 

In short, the law, which Google was testing, states that every person has the right to start anew, regardless if their past misdeeds that took place in their home, their business or in a Vegas Casino. The case revolved about two businessmen who appealed to the court to order Google to delist several articles about their old crimes.

Wynn Saga Continues

Few companies have gone through as many tumults in as short a time as has the Wynn Resorts. A massive court battle between Steve Wynn and his ex-wife was followed by allegations of sexual misconduct  against Wynn who resigned  as company CEO.

That quickly led to Wynn, a Vegas legend who set the company on a successful course that's been emulated by other Vegas casinos, to sell off his shares in the company. Wynn is now basically a non-entity in the company that he founded and built but the Wynn name is still a player.

Superstar Racehorse Winx

Winx has captured the hearts of horse racing fans around the world who are leaving their online games and gaming devices to watch the thundering mare pull off win after win. Winx is breaking records left and right as she puts Australian horse racing on the map.

Few mares have been able to stand up to the males the way that Winx is doing. The champion Australian thoroughbred racehorse has won 25 consecutive stakes races in the last 3 years including 18 Group 1's at distances that range from 1300 meters to 2200 meters.

Gaming Conventions

Gamers who play online games (either the casino type of game found here at the Grande Vegas Casino or other online games) and those who play face to face competitions, generally try to keep up with upcoming game trade shows and conventions. These are the events where developers talk about the games, demonstrate new features and role-play characters and allow people to experiment with playing upcoming games.

Some people wait for the conventions and shows that take place in their locale but others actually travel long distances to participate in some of these events.

If you're thinking about attending a show or convention, we've reviewed some of the top 2018 Trade Shows and Conventions for gamers:

US Supreme Court to Decide on Sports Betting

Sports betting is a multi billion dollar industry that is presently dominated by Vegas casino interests, illegal bookies and offshore markets. That may change this May when the Supreme Court rules on the legality of disallowing sports betting online. 

The expectation is that the Supreme Court will, indeed, give the go-ahead for online sports betting to move forward. If so, observers are worried that monetizing and implementing this industry will fail thanks to the NBA and MLB's push for a piece of the action.

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