Pirate Isle

Piles of plunder and five-reels of riches await Grande Vegas Online Casino buccaneers brave enough to set foot ashore Pirate Isle from Realtime Gaming. For decades, Cap’n Ghost Pirate has stashed his treasure across Pirate Isle, but one night on the grog and the bungling blaggard dropped his Treasure Keys all over the infamous island.

So he’s called a truce. He’ll share his booty with any buccaneers brave enough to help him track down the legendary loot. Shiver me timbers, it’s ripe for the picking.

Those spoils won’t come easy, but, land lubbers, when you get them … cor!

Gather 5 Treasure Keys, and you’ll have a haul greater than you’ve seen before. 5 Treasure Keys equals 300 FREE GAMES.

Place an extra bet to release the Broadside Feature, home of the Pirate’s Treasure Progressive Jackpot.

Stumble across the Treasure Chest Feature, when 3 or more Treasure Chests glint across the reels in any normal game, and reveal a treasure map. In 5 places on your treasure map is the lost bounty. But where does X mark the spot? Pick 5. Target a Treasure Chest on the map and be rewarded with another pick. Target a Treasure Map for a new round of picks. Target the Ghost Pirate and he’ll grant you 100 FREE SPINS. Not so terrifying, is he!?

Up with the Jolly Roger and in with booty. Pirate Isle, ‘ere we come! Available to download and on Instant Play from September 16.

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