Tri Card Poker

Take traditional poker. Sure, it’s fun, but, boy, can it take a long time. Tri Card Poker on Grande Vegas is heart-stoppingly quick, which is maybe why it’s been so popular on Grande Vegas Instant Play and Download.

Well, now if you need poker and you need it now, all you have to do is reach for your phone. That’s right: Tri Card Poker has joined Grande Vegas Mobile Casino. And not a moment too soon.

So what makes Realtime Gaming (RTG) Tri Card Poker so popular?

It’s very nearly the same game as regular poker, just faster, and you only have three cards. You pit your hand against the dealer’s hand, and whoever has the best hand, wins. Simple as that. And not a green poker visor in sight. Just good, clean, very-fast fun.

Learning to play, playing and winning are all incredibly easy, and now Tri Card Poker is on Grande Vegas Mobile Casino, it’s all even easier. There are two super-simple bets:

Ante Bet: you bet your hand is better than the dealer’s

Pair Plus Bet: you bet there’ll be a pair in your hand

 And to add to the fun – the dealer can only play with a queen or higher. Enough reading – grab your phone and play.

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