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Online casinos flourish worldwide during pandemic

Land-based businesses are suffering greatly during the coronavirus shutdown. People are studying online, making their clothing and household purchases online, ordering food online and interacting online. All this has made many storefront businesses redundant. Gamers are also discovering that they can enjoy interactive, fun-filled gambling events by enjoying playing at a no deposit bonus code online casino on the PC or mobile device which will, in the future, become a more prominent gaming option alongside brick-and-mortar casino venues.

Some of the fastest-growing online casino engagement is happening in the East.

Online Casino Businesses Flourishing

Worldwide, the online casino business is enjoying a surge of popularity thanks to the corona shutdown. People are practicing social distancing as much as possible. As they stay home, they search for online entertainment providers who can offer various ways for them to pass the time in an enjoyable way.

The video streaming sector is one of the fastest-rising divisions of the online casino industry and is fueling the increase in online casino gambling. Once land-based casinos shut their doors last March, players made the switch to online platforms where they could continue to play for real money prizes. In many ways, they found that the online platforms were even more convenient than the brick-and-mortar venues – the bonuses are better, there are more games, the table games are no-table-limit games and there are options to play games for free as well as for cash rewards.


Most casino advisors agree that the future for the online gaming industry is bright and there’s huge potential. With the increase in visitation, online casinos can start to expand their live dealer platforms and look into offering more 3D games as well as virtual reality and artificial reality gaming events.

Most importantly, the social interaction that gamers can experience when they gamble online is exactly what people are looking for in this age of social distancing. You can compete against a live dealer if you’re playing in a casino with a live dealer platform or engage your friends in some friendly competition to see which of you is most successful in your gaming activities.  There are tournaments and jackpot games as well so players can play directly against other gamers. 

 In addition to the new gamers who are joining the casinos to enjoy the social aspects of online gambling, researchers have noted that veteran players are also playing more. In social gaming situations, including in tournaments and progressive jackpot games, they are playing more because they are winning more as they compete against inexperienced newcomers.

Both veteran and novice gamers are aware of the advances in technology in the virtual gaming world. Many of the games now feature such quality designs and graphics that they are truly lifelike. Casino experts believe that this will increase online gambling revenues significantly.

Finally, and perhaps more importantly, the cancellation of live sporting events – including all major league games in America, the Olympic Games, the European Championship and Europe’s major league football games, has driven bettors to the online casinos where they can both play their own games and bet in online sportsbooks on esporting events.  

Big Markets

Land-based casinos and live sporting events are on hold but gamblers are finding easily-available alternatives to quench their thirst for gaming. Some of the regions that have seen the biggest jump in online casino entertainment engagement include countries in Asia and the Pacific.


Online casino gambling is surging in Australia during the pandemic. The number of web searches for "online pokies" tripled between February and April 2020. As the pandemic forced clubs, pubs and legal casinos to close, traffic to online casino sites surged. One poker room saw its traffic double in those month and other sites have experienced similar increases, even though the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is ordering internet service providers to block illegal online casino websites.

In 2018 Australians lost $25 billion gambling, mostly on pokies. The amount that Australians gambled when playing offshore sites had been falling before the pandemic but the shut-down reversed that trend. Australia’s federal government estimates that close to $400 million is being lost annually on unregulated casino sites. Estimates are that that Australian states lost around $100 million in tax revenues from the offshore sites. 

In Australia, online casino games are more attractive to gamers than lotteries or sports betting, Alex Russell, a gambling researcher at Central Queensland University said that Australian gamers are used to high-speed slot games so shutting poker machines simply sends them to other similar game sites. “Gambling is an addiction… so having that taken away from you overnight is a big deal, so they’re going to look for something else,” he said.

Monash University gambling and public health expert Charles Livingstone said  that the government was, essentially, playing  “whack-a-mole” by trying to shut down illegal gaming websites. You shut down one site and a new one will spring up to operate until it, too, is shut down. 

Online casino gaming is legal in Australia but sites that are not licensed by the Australian government operate illegally. Other countries such as New Zealand, for instance, do license and regulate online casino gambling. 


India is also seeing rapid growth for the country’s online casinos industry. When the pandemic set in and the country’s land-based casinos in Goa and Daman closed, gamers started to flock to the online sites. Offshore sites have reported huge numbers of new registrations, especially among those who want to engage in sports betting. Bettors who were accustomed to placing bets at land-based sports betting halls are now visiting online sportsbooks.

Observers project that online gaming in India will grow faster than the global online gaming segment. The online gaming segment is projected to grow at 43% with up to 365 million players expected by 2022. All online platforms are reporting a surge in users across the board throughout India. One casino operator reports that his company saw a 400% increase over a month’s time” and another platform, PayTM First Games, saw a 70,000-user rise in just one month after it announced its first e-sports league.

Transaction-based games like Poker and Rummy are experiencing the fastest rate of growth in India. Fantasy sports – due to the shutdown of sporting events – is slowing. Indian users are not showing interest in subscription and in-app purchase models so online gaming firms are focusing on sponsorship deals.


Gaming in Japan has traditionally been tightly regulated but the country is now a target of the online gaming industry thanks to its generally robust economy. For many years the most prominent gambling activity in Japan was pachinko, a type of video game which was played in pachinko rooms that were located around the country. Now, online gambling is gaining popularity in Japan and legislators are getting in on the act – encouraging online casino gaming as a way to halt black-market gambling and bring more tax revenue into the government coffers.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Japan had been moving ahead with plans to build three casino resorts in the country. Now the question of future land-based Japanese has stalled and policymakers are considering online gambling as a way to boost Japan’s entertainment industry.

Online gambling is still not regulated in Japan but offshore casinos operate in the country and increasing numbers of Japanese players are signing up for casino accounts. Many Japanese online casino gamers are drawn to the casinos because they can utilize the Venus Point online payment processing system which, for Japanese gamers, is the fastest and easiest method of online casino ebanking. 

Currently the only types of online gambling that are legal in Japan are betting on sports, horse racing, car races and lotteries. Campaigns have been started to encourage the government to legalise online casinos in Japan and offer Japanese bettors more options.


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In addition to the hundreds of games available at the Grande Vegas online casino, casino management makes sure to add several new games every month. Look here for the new Grande Vegas games being launched each month. There is always something new to check out!

New online casino games keep the excitement levels high at Grande Vegas casino. So not only do you have your favorite games to come here to play, you’ll have new games every month to try out and add to your favorites list.

Be sure to also check out the special promotions which are run around the excitement of the new games release. Your account might be bonused with free cash for you to try out one of the new online casino games. Or maybe you’ll be credited with free spins to try out a new slots game.

So come here often to get in on the fun at Grande Vegas!

You’ve reached the Grande Vegas online casino – and grande it is!  With the best games, all the platforms, fun and interactive promotions, the most convenient banking methods, 24/7 responsive support, and on and on – it just doesn’t get any better than this.  But let’s take it one step at a time.

Grande Vegas has literally hundreds of games for you to choose from.  Slots, progressive games, table games, video poker, craps, roulette, keno and more!  Grande Vegas online casino games are developed by RealTime Gaming – one of the industry leaders in online casino games.  These games can be played on your desktop computer, on the go with your laptop, on your mobile phone or on your tablet.  You are in control – you decide when and how you play!

To get you going, the Grande Vegas casino bonus for first time players is a healthy 100% match up bonus, up to $100.  In other words, you deposit $100, but you play with $200!  This welcome bonus is followed up with more bonuses during your first week.  And those bonuses are followed up with free cash bonuses, free spins bonuses, daily, weekly and monthly bonuses, and more!  The VIP Club grants you comp points each time you bet, which in turn, becomes cash to bankroll even more casino play!

To make your game play as convenient and smooth as possible, Grande Vegas has a full range of banking methods:  Visa/MasterCard, Neteller, eco, Skrill, CDS.  This guarantees your fun is safe and secure, and isn’t this what we all want?

Now let’s say you still have a few questions and would like to get some answers.  Their 24/7 support team is knowledgeable, friendly and ready to help you out.  Contact them by email, phone, live chat or skype for immediate answers to your questions.

But don’t take our word for it – please feel free to check around our site, download the casino, or check it out on your phone or tablet.  We’re sure you’ll be pleased…. looking forward playing together!

If you like big game thrills and chills, be sure to play the progressive Grande Vegas games!

A progressive game is a game that is networked with all the casinos using the same software provider. Each time a player in each of the RealTime Gaming casinos, bets on a progressive game, part of that bet is funneled to the progressive jackpot of that game.

In this way, the jackpots on the progressive online casino games can easily provide life-changing winnings, tipping well over the $1,000,000 mark!

Try our progressive slots games or our progressive poker game and shoot for your first million!

Grande Vegas slots games are THEEEEE BEST! With over 100 slots games available online, it would be fair to say that slots are our specialty. The most popular game at online casinos is slots, and our online slots are clearly the most popular game at Grande Vegas.

Slots games come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve got 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots and even the unusual 6-reel slots. And our games have all the most popular features – wild, scatter multiple paylines and more. We’ve got online slots with bonus rounds like free spins. And we’ve got online slots which are progressives reaching jackpots of over $1,000,000 on a single spin.

We leave all the decisions in your hands – how much to bet, how many paylines to play, to use auto-play and more.

Into free slots? No problem! You can play all our slots for free, for as long as you wish. When you've learned all the ins-and-outs of the game, play for real to win for real!

As far as game subjects go – we’ve got them all: suspense, fun, cartoon, romance, exotic, food, science fiction, movies and more.

Download our online casino onto your computer, or play our live games on the site without download. Or take our slots on the go with your phone and/or tablet. Where and when you play is up to you.

Be sure to try Grande Vegas online slots – you won’t be disappointed!

The specialty games at Grande Vegas casino may be the smallest group of games at the casino, but they pack a punch! For those players who like the traditional casino games, this is the place.

We've got two varieties of Roulette: American and European - for that James Bond feel. You can master the game in these two popular versions. American roulette has the characteristic double zero (00) with the fun that that brings on, while the European roulette has a single zero (0) with the added statistical advantage that gives the player. Then there’s French roulette belonging to those who developed the game. And if roulette is your game, then charge it up with multi-player roulette. Check them all out!

If you like the challenge of a good Craps game, be sure to visit our Craps table where you can almost hear the cheers of the crowd behind you!

And if you like both Roulette and Craps, check out Sic-Bo. It’s a bit of a combination of the two – predict the numbers that will come up when the dice are thrown.

But that’s not all our specialty games – not nearly. Check out our two forms of Bingo. We’ve got a standard Bonus Bingo game and our super charged Roaring Twenties Bingo with all kinds of features to spice up the game like the Extra Ball play, the Turbo Draw, the Multiple Draw and more!

And if you like bingo, Keno is a sort of reverse bingo where you predict which numbers will be drawn.

It doesn’t end there! Grande Vegas offers 5 scratch cards for a quick try at your luck – choose, scratch, and win!

In short, Grande Vegas has almost an endless list of types of games for you to play – we don’t stop at slots – we’ve got it all!

There are some players who prefer table games above all others.  Grande Vegas table games are great at recreating the atmosphere at a live casino as you play at home you are totally immersed in the games.

The two most popular table casino games have long been blackjack and poker.  Grande Vegas has a nice selection of both blackjack and poker so you can easily move from game to game or stay put if that’s your desire.  Unlike a land-based casino, where you might have to wait for a seat at the table if you decide to switch or might be concerned about losing your seat at the table you’re at, Grande Vegas table games guarantee you a seat at every table and guarantee that you’ll have your old seat back if you want it.

All eight blackjack variations and all of the poker games boast the very best and most realistic graphics.  This has always been the hallmark of Grande Vegas Casino: great graphics so you have the full circle of gaming pleasure from the very first bet.

One of the big benefits of having a large assortment of your favorite table casino games is that if you ever choose to go to a land-based casino and are lucky enough to get a seat, you’ll already have hours of experience playing these same games.  Playing table games at Grande Vegas is as much a learning experience as it is a fun and entertaining time!

In addition to blackjack and poker, you can play rummy and baccarat.  Only at an online casino can you pull up a seat at a “table” while comfortably ensconced on your favorite and most comfortable chair.  If you’re playing on your mobile device, you might even be in bed!

So the table games fun is here at Grande Vegas casino.

Video poker is one of the fastest growing online casino games.  First and foremost, it’s a lot of fun to play, giving you all the poker excitement without the need to concern yourself about bluffs.  The dealer never bluffs in video poker!

Practice Makes Perfect

Grande Vegas video poker also provides great practice for those times you’ll play against live opponents.  For example, you learn to recognize the value of the millions of different hands you might be dealt.  In some ways, video poker strategy is not much different than strategy in any other poker game.  But in other ways it’s quite different.  It pays to learn all about video poker strategy and to learn how to apply it to other poker variations.

Manage Your Bankroll

Importantly, video poker always has a very high rate of return so you can play, enjoy, and gain important experience all the while having a very good chance to end a long playing session with a well-earned plus in your bankroll!

Grand Vegas video poker gives you many opportunities to expand your poker horizons whilst getting great pleasure just simply playing.  Poker has its great fan base because it’s a thinking player’s game as well as being lots of fun to play.

Multi-hand Poker is Multi-fun

Grand Vegas video poker gives you the chance to play single hand, three hands, ten hands, or fully fifty-two hands!  The graphics are quick, colourful, and appealing.

A Quiet Word of Advice

Here’s a bit of video poker strategy offered as a bonus to you, the video poker enthusiast.  It’s usually better to go for the higher paying winning combinations.  This means going for a straight flush over a simpler winning hand.  The straight flush comes infrequently but when it comes it pays off handsomely.

A side aspect of this tip is that in order to get the highest payout from the best hands, you should always bet the maximum.  In fact, betting the max is the best way to manage your bankroll in video poker!

So, try all the Grand Vegas video poker offerings and enjoy!

The fun is just a touch screen away when you play on the Grande Vegas mobile casino.  This mobile casino has a full array of all the best games, specially adapted for your phone and/or tablet.  No matter what your favorite game is, this casino mobile version has what you’re looking for.

The games are among the best in the industry - powered by RealTime Gaming.  Their motto is:  Take Gaming Seriously – and they do just that!.  With outstanding graphics and audio feed, the games are fun, interactive and full of payouts!

And you’ll find what you’re looking for with slots in a large variety of subjects – science fiction, whimsy, magic, folklore, suspense, history, adventure, mystery, mythology, comedy, romance, magic, travel and more.

Slots not your thing?  No worries, you’ll find dozens of poker, video poker and blackjack games to choose from as well.

Grande Vegas mobile casino is a real winner when you add in their generous welcome offer for new players.  And the benefits do not end there.  Their great welcome bonus is followed with on-going promotions – daily, weekly, monthly with free cash and free spins – which add more fun and excitement to your gaming!

This casino has been specially designed for use on your mobile phone or tablet, so you’re sure to find your way around clear and simple.

Deposits and withdrawal of winnings is easy – and secure!  With a variety of banking methods to choose from, you can choose to use your credit cards, bitcoin or Neteller account.

And just as your phone and tablet keep you playing on the go, Grande Vegas mobile casino has 24/7 support available to you at all times.  Use their toll-free number or live chat to speak to a trained and friendly service representative at any time of day or night.