Grande Vegas Casino Now Giving 25 Percent Cashback on Casino DepositsGrande Vegas Casino is putting cash back in players’ accounts just when they need it most. Get down to your last five bucks (it happens to all of us!) and the casino will give you 25% of your deposits back.

With the new 25% Cashback offer, players can claim up to $300 cash back on deposits.

“We all have a bad day sometimes. If you don’t do so well, we’ll give you 25% of your deposit back,” explained Robert Miller, the Casino Manager at Grande Vegas. “All it takes is a quick email to Customer Service (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) after a deposit. One email can take care of several deposits.”

“If you’re account is down to five bucks they’ll give you a bunch of your money back,” noted one player who has taken advantage of the 25% Cash Back offer. “How good is that?! That’s money you can use to turn your luck around!”

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