Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment - Let's talk about it

Every November the term Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment is a huge topic in the United States but what does it mean? Let's find it out together.

Thanksgiving Adult contains three words. Let's look at them separately first to get some hints.

(1) Thanksgiving

Let's see what Wikipedia offers us on Thanksgiving. First of all Thanksgiving is celebrated not only in the United States but also in Canada, the Caribbean Islands and some other countries. This would mean that Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment could mean something different wherever Thanksgiving is celebrated? Pretty sure yes. So lets focus on the United States only.

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States every fourth Thursday in November since 1941. Thanksgiving has traditionally been a celebration of the blessings of the year and still people talk about what they are thankful for. Thanksgiving is heartwarming tradition celebrated with family and friends ... fireworks and parades. All in all an awesome day in the United States.

YouTube offers a massive Search Result list by searching for Thanksgiving. Starting from recipes to parades to historical facts.

As huge fans of Friends we like the following video the most. All Thanksgiving moments of Friends.

Ok, now we know what Thanksgiving is. Let's have a deeper look into the word Adult in Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment.

(2) Adult

To find out what Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment means lets look up what an adult is. Wikipedia has more definitions of an adult. Biologically an adult is a human being that reaches sexual maturity. Bu in most societies the meaning of an adult is also associated with a social or legal concept.  This means, a human being reaching a certain age is considered as an adult. Let's go back to the United States example. In most states the age of 18 makes a human being an adult. He/She gains adult rights.

Checking the word "adult" on YouTube gives us interesting results but no clear definition on the first view. By searching a bit more specific we also found out on YouTube what adult means.

(3) Entertainment 

Now it's getting tricky. Entertainment can be everything. By using google and search for entertainment there are to many results as entertainment can be everything and its very subjective to each person. Wikipedia defines entertainment as the following: Entertainment is a form of activity the holds the attention and interest of an audience / person or gives pleasure and delight. We agree, when getting entertained our attention is focused on something we like but we also think it can be something we dislike. We think there is positive and negative entertainment. By searching on YouTube for Entertainment its getting tricky .... also here you need to be a bit more specific. The first result on YouTube for the word Entertainment was "TV For Dogd: Interactive Dog TV"

So, we now know the definition of all three words: Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment.

Lets find it out now!

What is Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment?

Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment are activities Adults (human beings over the age of 18 or older) like to do at Thanksgiving that non adults are not allowed to do by law. For example driving a car at Thanksgiving day, Watch Adult Movies, Play in an online Casino, Drink Alcohol, Stay Up All Night, Smoke ... but nothing is really connected or considered just as a Thanksgiving Tradition.

So ... Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment does not Exist and not worth searching for it. Thanksgiving is a family day. 

Thanks for your attention.

Thanksgiving Adult EntertainmentThanksgiving Adult Entertainment


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