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After licensed gambling operators in Sweden identified a prevalence of unlicensed gambling sites operating in the country, the government embarked on a program aimed at channeling Swedish gamers to legal online gaming and sports betting sites. But a recent report indicates that the government’s efforts are falling short.

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Since the Internet debuted for public use in the ‘90s, online welcome bonus casino gaming has developed at an exceptional rate. From a few online venues that offered a small selection of gaming machines to the hundreds of casino sites that provide hundreds of games, multiple banking options, lucrative bonuses, live dealer options and much more, everything has changed. Yet the sector continues to grow and expand, with ever-expanding game choices and playing options being offered to the gaming public. 

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In 2016,  Eilers &Krejcik, a research and consulting firm, issued a report that projected that  by 2020, betting on major esports titles would bring in $12.9 billion. Analyst Chris Grove expressed surprise at the lack of interest on the part of Las Vegas casino sign up bonus properties to take advantage of the possibilities that this information presented, saying that casino executives were clueless.

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Meditation is a mental training practice where practitioners learn to slow down racing thoughts, calm mind and body and let go of negativity through meditative techniques. Practicing mindful meditation means paying attention to the present moment so that you dwell in the here and now.

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In recent years, an occurrence known as Vegas casino game transfer phenomena started to draw the notice of researchers, the press and the general public. Now that the numbers of game players has jumped due to coronavirus stay-at-home restrictions, the once-little-known subject has become a popular item for discussion.

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Throughout the world over three billion people are in some kind of lockdown and billions more are being cautioned to stay at home as much as possible to distance themselves socially and refrain from any type of gathering. If the coronavirus pandemic was to have erupted 50 years ago, such restrictions would have meant a sports industry shutdown. Yet creative minds have simply revised Vegas casino online sporting competitions to include online matches where gamers can participate virtually.

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The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that online casino fantasy sports are legal in Illinois. The court determined that fantasy sports are games of skill rather than chance and as such, the state cannot deny Illinois residents the right to participate.

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Native Americans, whose communities show the highest poverty rate in the United States and whose residents often live in areas where they don’t have proper access to running water, sufficient food or adequate medical care, are being impacted by the coronavirus more so than other communities.

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Financial observers are considering the role that online gaming could have in helping offset the post-COVID-19 economic turndown.

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In March 2020 COVID-19 was declared to be a pandemic. It has affected almost every country on earth and caused a complete shutdown of many industries and much of the global economy. People around the world are living in lockdown, sheltering in place and managing on a wing and a prayer. 

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