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E-tabs, electronic pull-tabs that mimic old-fashioned paper pull-tabs, are attracting Vegas casino online players around the country but are drawing criticism and concern from their competitors. Charity lotteries have been some of the first and most enthusiastic purveyors of e-tabs which they use to help them raise money for their causes. But other gaming operators are finding that the popularity of e-tabs is cutting into their profits in a big way.

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Casinos are a billion-dollar-a-year industry. Part of the reason that they make so much money is that they have learned how to play with their customer’s minds in order to keep them at the gaming tables. 

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The reputation that southern states have as being anti-gambling isn’t holding true now that it’s possible for states to legislate Vegas casino online sports betting in their jurisdictions.  Tennessee is the latest state to open sports betting with an online-only sports betting infrastructure.

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Japan’s new bill authorizing the development of 3 casino resorts is only a year old but anti-gamblers who warned that online casinos and land-based casino development would bring corruption are seeing their forewarning come to reality. All this is happening even before a single stone has been upturned in the building of new casino developments in Japan.

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Native American tribes in Oklahoma are some of the most active Vegas casino gambling tribes in the United States. They have come in conflict with authorities in the past but two new cases have observers around the country sitting up and taking notice.

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Delaware was one of the first states to adopt sports betting in 2018 after the Supreme Court ruled that states could legislate sports betting in their own jurisdictions.

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Now that sports betting is legal in the United States, betting on sports seems to have lost some of its pizzaz.  In states where land-based and online casino sports betting is legal you can place bets at your leisure in conventional casino venues and, in some states, even online.

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Throughout the years, it’s been prohibited for gamers at almost all Las Vegas casinos, including in venues with online casinos, to take photos inside the casino.  The first thing that customers would see when they entered a casino was a sign posted that noted that taking pictures was not allowed in the casino.

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Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt’s December 31st deadline for Vegas casino online gaming tribes to renegotiate their compact with the state has come and gone. Now Stitt is threatening to nullify the existing compacts by bringing in commercial casino operators who will run their own casinos in the state.


Plaza rolls out new sportsbook

One of the main Vegas casinos - the Plaza - has partnered with William Hill Ltd to bring sports betting fans an updated sportsbook. The William Hill Race & Sports Book replaces the original Plaza sportsbook which had operated at the Plaza since 2013. The new remodeled facility brings the latest in 21st century on-site sports betting technology to Vegas.

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