Top streamers to watch in 2021 on Twitch

Twitch is seeing significant competition from new streaming platforms including from Facebook Gaming and YouTube. Yet Twitch continues to lead the industry with more streamers, more viewers and more engagements than any other streaming competitor - if you're looking for a casino sign up bonus, check out Twitch. When Microsoft’s Mixer closed Facebook Gaming thought that they were going to acquire many of the former Mixer streamers but in the end, most ended up turning to Twitch.

Twitch is facing significant competition, both from the YouTube and Facebook giants but also from smaller platforms including Vimeo, Instagib, Hitbox and BigoLive - you'll find plenty of casino sign up bonuses there too. But in the end of the day, the majority of serious online casino players still turn to Twitch to promote their gaming content. Twitch is preferred by many because it is streamed live, hosts entertaining streamers, broadcasts a variety of esports competitions and encourages community.

When Microsoft’s Mixer closed, Facebook Gaming assumed that it would pick up the Mixer players who were looking for a new home. Yet in the final analysis, Twitch acquired most of those players including some of the world’s biggest and best gaming content streamers.

Some of Twitch’s best streamers to watch in 2021 include:

Tom Cassell -- Syndicate

Tom Cassell is 26-year-old British gamer “Syndicate”  who has almost 3 million followers.  He streams Minecraft and Call of Duty and entertains his audience with talk shows and other engaging content. He’s fun to watch because he is always in a good mood and it just rubs off on viewers who can’t help but smile along as he jokes and laughs over random events. Syndicate’s channel encourages interaction, both with Syndicate himself and with other players and he’s generally available to chat, both in the comments on his podcasts and through the streams’ chats. You can check Syndicate out at

Ali Hassan – SypherPK

Ali Hassan has been dubbed “The Trap King” for his skill as one of the best Fortnite players in the world. He is best known for his elaborate use of traps as well as for his high scores. Hassan, an American, is 23 and is a member of Toronto based “Luminosity Gaming”. Hassan streams on Twitch and then posts the segments on his YouTube channel so he benefits from both platforms. He also produces content with strategies and tips for new players. He collaborates with big-name streamers such as Ninja and  NICKMERCS though his specialty remains the Fortnight battle royale matches for which his analytical skills and critical thinking have made him a legend. Watch him at

Tyler Steinkamp – Loltyler1

With over 3 million followers, Loltyler1 is one of the most popular League of Legends gamers. Lol is his total focus in his streaming activities where his followers love his quirky personality, energetic play and the light-hearted jokes that he shares during his streams. Loltyler1 is devoted to Twitch and he shares his streams on his YouTube Channel as well where he has over 2.2 million subscribers. He can be seen at

Nick Kolcheff – NICKMERCS

NICKMERCS is an esports star but he’s also known as a bodybuilder, a profession that serves him well as he competes aggressively with FaZe Clan. He’s a former Major League Gaming champion and is known for his First Person Shooter skills, competing on numerous games such as Halo, Gears of War and Call of Duty.   Nick is followed by 3.5 million people on Twitch, many of whom are fascinated by his mastery of the controller which he prefers over a mouse and keyboard.

Nick is a world champ in Fortnight including for the duos and for “most kills” in a squad match. He averages 2500 followers per day in Fortnight and his other preferred game, Modern Warfare. His Twitch channel is

Daequan Loco – TSM Daequan

TSM_Daequanis a 25-year-old American who is known for his skills across a variety of FPS games, notably Fortnite. In 2018 he achieved 40 kills in a Fortnite game team match, setting the world record  most kills. He hosts the 6th fastest growing Fortnite channel with the biggest jump in the last year. His show is known for insightful commentary, a welcoming vibe and a laid-back approach. He can be found at

Benjamin Lupo – DrLupo

Benjamin Lupo’s advanced age – 32, old for a gamer – hasn’t impeded his advancement as a popular Fortnite competitor. He’s married with kids but his fans aren’t put off by his maturity – on the contrary, they support his march to the beat of his own drummer. Instead of pushing himself and his own agenda, Dr. Lupo plays in order to promote a charity stream for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

In a 24-hour charity stream for the hospital he brought in $600,000 which earned him Fortnite’s designation as “Face of the Company.” He plays with the ReKT team and is sponsored by Kings Coast and NZXT. His streams provide insights about what viewers can do to refine their own playing skills. He streams at

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