As consumer tastes change to fit with the current era, the online casino gaming industry has shown one of the largest growth spikes. Within that industry, social and mobile gaming is expanding quickly. Zoom, which was once regarded as a video conferencing platform, has shown that it can offer solutions to the social gaming industry.  

Over the years, Vegas casinos have made a science of studying how to draw in and retain their customers. From big bonus come-ons to lighting, floor design, music and even air scent, every aspect of the casino experience is well thought-out and calculated.

Tech enthusiasts are targeting the growing no deposit bonus codes gaming industry in their enthusiasm to add new elements and features to the gaming landscape. A number of new start-ups are dedicating time and effort to creating more compelling and interactive gaming adventures than ever. 

The esports competitive video game tournaments are proving to be highly compatible with bitcoin. The industry offers easy payments, portable game item ownership, prize pools, fair games with transparent and permanent records, accessibility from any device, anti-cheating measures and a huge billion-dollar market. eSports investors are just beginning to explore bitcoin and as the number of events increases and the size of those events grows it’s becoming clear that bitcoin is well-suited to the expanding casino sign up bonus and esports industry.

Where do companies that rely on sports betting do when the sports disappears overnight? They start to brainstorm on how to find alternative ways for sports fans to express their love of sports and how to expand existing sportbooks to cover those alternatives.

As sportsbooks, sports fans and others celebrate the two-year anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court ruling that opened the way for states to legislate Vegas casino sports betting in their jurisdictions, the rush to introduce sports betting shows no signs of slowing down.

The Nevada Gaming Commission is reviewing new health and safety policy statements put out by the  state Gaming Control Board which detail requirements for the reopening of Vegas casinos. Casinos that are able to meet those guidelines will be allowed to reopen in the coming weeks.

The gaming industry is looking at new challenges and opportunities as it heads into the 3rd decade of the 21st century. In the past few months revenues for both large and small gaming platforms and companies have shown significant increases as trends accelerate and new gambling options present themselves - there's more than the traditional welcome bonus casino out there these days!

eSports were already gaining in popularity before the coronavirus shut-down but now that sporting events have been cancelled worldwide, esports are filling in for traditional sports.  eSporting events, even those such as Rocket League and League of Legends which run on cheap hardware, have taken the space that physical sporting events had previously occupied in the minds and hearts of online casino sports fans worldwide.

Sports fans have been struggling to fill the void that was left when the sports leagues cancelled their events. All of the big leagues are on hiatus so unless you’re interested in a rousing spot of neighborhood tennis or watching a few local kids shoot the hoops on an otherwise-deserted school court, you’ll have to be creative to find some activities on which you can cheer and bet.  

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