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The coronavirus, otherwise known as the Corona beer virus, is keeping Chinese at home as much as possible where many are turning to online Vegas casino gaming to pass the time.

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Gaming observers are intrigued to see that the newest trend in online welcome bonus casino gaming is virtual reality. Virtual reality games have been around for several years and they are expanding to include variations of old favorites and traditional casino games. 

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Casino tax regulations vary from one area of the world to another. In some countries where no deposit bonus codes casino gambling is legal, you might find that you’re not taxed at all while in others you’ll discover that you have to pay a significant percentage of your winnings in taxes.

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Advocates of casino sign up bonus sports betting in New York have been thrown another hurdle, this time from the courts where a recent ruling that outlaws the state’s daily fantasy sports betting program threatens to impact legalization of NY sports betting.

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Vegas casino sportsbooks around the United States reported $270 million in handle for bets placed on Super Bowl 54. Nevada took in more than half of that total and the other 9 states with legal sports betting split the other half.  The legal bets don’t tell the story though – the American Gaming Association estimates that the real total, which includes illegal bets, was $6.8 billion.  

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A months-long impasse over the future of Oklahoma’s gaming tribes’ attempt to stick to a 15-year-old compact is creating chaos in the Sooner state. The 2005 compact requires the tribes to pay 6-10% of their profits from their gambling enterprises in state taxes. Now, discord between the tribes and the state has set tribe rights’ against the governor’s belief that the outdated agreement infringes on the state’s best interests.

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As security experts and society gloat over the power of facial recognition technology and AI to protect against terrorists and criminals, civil rights activists are warning that the same technology has the potential to strip individuals of their protections against invasion of privacy.

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In some ways, Las Vegas is a very traditional city.  Despite all the glitz and glitter, visitors generally know what to expect when they arrive. There is every type of gaming that one could want, loads of entertainment opportunities and something to do to fit any interest or budget at Vegas’s welcome bonus casino venues.

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A new sports betting deal with a casino sign up bonus that brought Yahoo Sports, BetMGM and Verizon together debuted in November 2019. Under the exclusive partnership, BetMGM and Verizon will create collaborative content experiences and live events and will power sports betting for Yahoo Sports.

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The industry of online casinos has discovered the benefits of affiliate marketing for their sector. Affiliate marketing offers a wide range of opportunities for businesses to market their products and for marketers to make money online. 

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