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The UK casino sign up bonus gambling industry has undergone a significant upheaval this year with the imposition of a £2 max bet limit on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs).  The FOBTs had long been criticized for promoting bettors’ ability to sustain quick losses at a quick pace.

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After a report that detailed how BC online casino and land-based casino venues were being used by underworld figures to launder billions of dollars, the Canadian government clamped down with new money laundering regulations.  Casinos are reeling from the results as their growth stalls and revenues fall. 

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If plans move forward as intended, Chicago will soon become the largest American city to host a casino.  Chicago leaders have been pushing Las Vegas-style brick-and-mortar casino and online casino development for the Windy City and their efforts are bearing fruit.  Illinois lawmakers have approved their plan for a Vegas-style Chicago casino as part of plans for gambling expansion.

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Founder and former-CEO of Vegas casino Wynn Resorts Steve Wynn remains engulfed in legal challenges that stem from allegations of sexual misconduct. Now the 2-year-old scandal is moving in new directions. 

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The Las Vegas Sands, which has already invested considerable time and money in their attempt to win one of the three Japanese land-based and online casinos licenses, has recently indicated that it may be having second thoughts.  

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According to many financial analysts, the true transformation of the economics of American football has only started with the legislation of welcome bonus casino sports betting. Today, football fans in 12 states can bet on the games in some form or another and the option is expected to expand to additional states in the coming months.

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Pennsylvania is hoping for a massive Vegas casino sports betting industry while New Hampshire’s expectations are more modest.  Either way, sports betting is moving full speed ahead in both states as DraftKings enters both markets.

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A number of savvy billionaires are coming to the conclusion that the Internet is heading towards becoming the next Big Thing in the Vegas casino industry. Online gaming is turning into a type of new start-up and many knowledge investors are anxious to get in on the ground floor of what could become a major new 21st century gold mine.

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Casino hotels are learning that Vegas casino online mobile tech is ideal for their guests’ needs.  Mobile tech facilitates streamlined check-in, targeted marketing opportunities, in-room customizations, cardless transactions, and more.

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To some, excessive Vegas casino gaming is a disorder -- an addiction no different than alcohol or substance abuse. To a growing body of mental health professionals however, gaming is a tool that can be used to benefit one’s mental health.

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