game console device

Console manufacturers and Vegas casino console game developers are excited about Project xCloud, a new video game streaming device from Microsoft that allows players to instantly stream PC and console games to their preferred gaming device via an internet connection.

hotel pool

Once again, we are confronted with another advantage to playing at online casinos like Grande Vegas - a great welcome bonus casino without all the controversy we're constantly hearing about at land-based casinos.  Here are the latest scandal details.

American football field

Even before the May 2018 SCOTUS ruling that gave states the right to legalize land-based and online casino sports betting in their jurisdictions, wagering on sporting events was definitely part of America’s sports culture. It was available, but only through underground networks or offshore books. Anyone could place a bet but it wasn’t above board and the only people making money on it were either criminals or online sites operated from outside the country. 

Macau Skyline

The Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau has directed Macau casinos to refrain from installing facial recognition and other Vegas casino online surveillance tools until such time as the bureau approves them.  In its directive, the Bureau told the casinos that any data collected must remain with casino operators and could not be shared.

skyline of Tokyo

The casino/hotel Integrated Resort industry in Japan is off to a slow start but observers see progress as the government moves towards granting three companies licenses to build IRs complete with casino sign up bonus give-aways in three separate locations. Casino operators would like to see things move more rapidly but that’s not the way it works in Japan. Consultants are advising the operators to “go with the flow” and accept the slow pace as part of the process that comes with doing business in Japan. 

Las Vegas Palms Casino

One of the pure pleasures of online casino gaming at Grande Vegas is the total lack of problems like Las Vegas is experiencing now - where the Las Vegas culinary union is facing off with the Las Vegas Palms hotel.  

trade floor

In the ‘70s -- the early days of video games — gaming wasn’t an “industry.” There were just a few companies with a few employees in each. Everybody seemed to know everybody else and many of those early companies collaborated freely. First there was the “arcade boom” and that was followed by home computers, mobile devices and game consoles. Over the years, as the popularity of video gaming grew, the need for events where people involved in the industry could collaborate grew - whether it was to share tech know how, ideas for player perks like casino sign up bonus give-aways, new game development, gaming a.i. or an unlimited number of subjects. Thus was born an industry of its own – Games Industry Events.

sports betting window

There are few issues that are as polarized as the subject of online casino and land-based sports betting in the United States.  It is now legal for states legislatures to legislate sports betting for their states' residents but each state sees the issue differently. Some states show no interest in allowing sports betting in their jurisdictions while others had sportsbooks running within weeks of the Supreme Court ruling that allowed them to run legal sports betting in their states.

Parx Casino

Looking for a no deposit bonus code?  Check out the PA lottery.  The first round in the battle between seven Pennsylvania casinos and the Pennsylvania lottery resulted in a win for the state’s new online iLottery.

sports betting kiosk

According to estimates, half of Americans now live in states where sports betting is legal or will soon be legal. Sports betting is a $150 billion industry in the United States and New Jersey has now overtaken Nevada - where sports betting was once only available at Vegas casinos - in becoming the top state in monthly legal sports betting.

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