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old fashioned movie projector and light

Games based on movie storylines is nothing new.  In our own Vegas online casino you'll find a few.  Some of the gaming industry’s most popular and lucrative games including the entire Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises were based on beloved books/movies.

But less-well recognized are the movies that are based on games.

a team sitting at a table drawing up marketing plan concepts

One of the biggest segments of the gaming industry is the marketing sector. As the gaming industry stays on track to become one of the world’s fastest-growing industries of the 21st century, the industry is challenged to meet the demand to create bigger and better video and online casino games every year.

gold silver and bronze medals

Gamers, Las Vegas online casino players and others, have started betting on whether esports will be an Olympic sport at the Los Angeles games in 2028. There has been no official announcement to date from the International Olympic Committee about the inclusion of the controversial esports in the 2028 lineup.

Golden box opened with light

For a number of years, loot boxes were becoming ubiquitous in video games. While the Grande Vegas online casino USA does not feature loot boxes, they were found in increasing numbers of video games, offering players the chance to buy a random box with unknown contents. Players purchased these loot boxes because, they believed, if they struck gold, they would have the objects that they needed to advance in their game and win.

diagram of STEM subjects

The perception of video gamers as zombies who waste their time moving characters and objects around with a joystick, a computer mouse and finger swipes is widespread. Gaming is believed by many to be a time-waster that is an activity for the brain-dead with too much time on their hands.

neon gaming console

There are a lot of new and exciting changes expected in the video and Grande Vegas online casino gaming world in 2023. Metaverse games, expanded integration of VR and AR elements, more esports opportunities and other innovations will keep gamers on their toes.

woman on a laptop cheering her win on Grande Vegas Casino

Playing games as a profession is nothing new. Some professional gamers were less than honest – scammers who traveled from one European casino to the other, cheating at the roulette wheel and at cards to get money. In the Wild West there were many professional poker players who used their skills to collect winnings in one town or outpost after another.

kids in classroom playing a game

Teaching through the use of games is nothing new but new edtech tools and techniques make the gamification of education a major focus of the classroom. Gamifying education, as opposed to supplementing traditional educational techniques with games, is slowly gaining attention in the educational community and is gaining acceptance even within the traditional educational establishment.

welcome to Florida the Sunshine State

The November elections gave Florida Governor Ron Santis a huge re-election victory, confirming his constituents’ faith in his policies and vision. Betting website which compiles and aggregates live odds gives DeSantis a 26.8% probability of winning the presidency in 2024 – the probability for Trump is currently at 18.4%.

watching football game on a laptop screen and making a bet on a smartphone

Taking a break from our Grande Vegas online casino fun for a moment, let's look at the booming sportsbook realm.

In the four-and-a-half years since the United States Supreme Court gave the go-ahead for retail sports betting to operate legally in the United States, sportsbooks have spent billions on marketing.  Major league games are flooded with commercials, sports stars act as influencers to promote different sports betting platforms and luxury hotels splash information about sports betting opportunities around their lobbies.

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