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For many years gaming was ridiculed as being addictive, a waste of time and mind-numbing nonsense. Yet the growth of the computer game industry has forced critics to take another look at the activity.

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Netflix Inc. announced that it is planning to expand beyond movies and TV shows into the video game market. It will be partnering with Facebook and Electronic Arts in the effort to move in the new direction. Mike Verdu, a former Facebook vice president who had been leading Facebook’s efforts to bring games to Oculus virtual-reality headsets, will become Netflix’s vice president of game development.

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Loot boxes, the “extra” goodies that allow video gamers to advance in their game, are coming under attack from anti-gambling activists who claim that these items cause players to spend over and above their budget so that they can enjoy more success in their gaming pursuits.

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Few events have been as impacted by the corona pandemic as the Olympics. The Tokyo Olympics, originally scheduled to take place in 2020, were postponed to 2021 which threw the world of competitive sports into chaos. Now, despite concerns and reservations, the Olympic games are set to take place, even though whether the presence of spectators will be allowed will probably not be decided until the very last minute.

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Since Facebook Gaming debuted in 2018 the platform has been posing a serious challenge to companies that previously dominated the industry. From streaming to game design, Facebook Gaming is pushing the envelope in the world of video and online casino gaming.

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The Vegas casino - online and offline - is observing as Internet giants including Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook begin to offer more games via the cloud platform. For video gamers, this means that they can enjoy their favorite games at any time and from any location without the need for a computer or console device.

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The Grande Vegas Casino login is the first step towards an adventure of real money casino entertainment that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Once you click the Grande Vegas login on your PC or mobile device you’ll be able to register at the casino for free and play any of the casino games at your leisure for free or for real money prizes.

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Many people dismiss video gaming as a “waste of time” for young people who could be putting their time to better use. But studies show that video gaming can actually enhance the educational process in many ways.

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Gamers didn’t always play at the Vegas casino onlinePeople have been playing board games for thousands of years.  Archaeologists have found evidence of a wide variety of board games in the ancient world from games not commonly known today such as Senet and the Royal Game of Ur to games such as chess and backgammon that are still widely popular today.

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A Federal court has ruled on a case that has pitted the Gay Head local authority on Martha's Vineyard against  the Wampanoag tribe which wants to build a casino on Martha's Vineyard. The ruling of the First Circuit Court of Appeals obligates the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) to work with the Martha’s Vineyard Commission and town planners as they prepare to build their new MV casino.

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