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eSports were already gaining in popularity before the coronavirus shut-down but now that sporting events have been cancelled worldwide, esports are filling in for traditional sports.  eSporting events, even those such as Rocket League and League of Legends which run on cheap hardware, have taken the space that physical sporting events had previously occupied in the minds and hearts of online casino sports fans worldwide.

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COVID-19 is being held responsible for major upheavals in the world – the decimation of the travel industry, massive unemployment rates, new norms of social interactions and political discord. During this time of uncertainty, people are looking for casino sign up bonus entertainment options to quell their unease and provide some relaxation - good for everyone that Grande Vegas is up and running as if there were no coronavirus.

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Sports fans have been struggling to fill the void that was left when the sports leagues cancelled their events. All of the big leagues are on hiatus so unless you’re interested in a rousing spot of neighborhood tennis or watching a few local kids shoot the hoops on an otherwise-deserted school court, you’ll have to be creative to find some activities on which you can cheer and bet.  

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Google, Facebook and other large Internet operators are launching new features in an effort to get a piece of the growing online casinos gaming market. Twitch, the live-streaming platform which is owned by Amazon, has seen a 20% increase in usage since the coronavirus shut-down began in March and that has inspired other companies to explore how they can better utilize their own platforms in the gaming market.

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Around the world, many gamblers have moved to welcome bonus casino online gaming. But in Meghalaya India, players continue with an age-old competition based on dreams.  Teer is the only form of gambling allowed in Meghalaya. It’s based on dreaming and combines an ancient activity with a modern love of gaming entertainment.

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The coronavirus shutdown demonstrated, in a way that nothing else has, how susceptible our society can be to an event like a pandemic. More people than ever are working online and more businesses than ever are exploring how their industry can sell services and products without violating the necessity for social distancing.

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If you’re looking for a way to spice up your slots gaming adventure, sign up for Vegas casino online tournament play right here at Grande Vegas online casino. The tournament offers a new way to experience slots with exciting games and big tournament prizes. When you play a tournament game, you’re not gaming on your own – you’ll be playing as part of a group of gamers who compete, from around the world, in a thrilling online engagement.

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During the coronavirus lockdown in China, millions of Chinese citizens, quarantined in their homes, went online for some gaming distraction. Now the lockdown has ended but it’s clear that the market for Vegas casino gaming entertainment is still there. Gaming operators around the world are examining ways to take advantage of the new interest in gaming in China.

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After licensed gambling operators in Sweden identified a prevalence of unlicensed gambling sites operating in the country, the government embarked on a program aimed at channeling Swedish gamers to legal online gaming and sports betting sites. But a recent report indicates that the government’s efforts are falling short.

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Since the Internet debuted for public use in the ‘90s, online welcome bonus casino gaming has developed at an exceptional rate. From a few online venues that offered a small selection of gaming machines to the hundreds of casino sites that provide hundreds of games, multiple banking options, lucrative bonuses, live dealer options and much more, everything has changed. Yet the sector continues to grow and expand, with ever-expanding game choices and playing options being offered to the gaming public. 

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