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America’s casinos closed down in March 2020. Most of the attention regarding casinos closures has focused on the economic strain for the big Vegas and Atlantic City casinos but the majority of America’s casinos are run by native tribes and those are the ones who are facing the greatest long-term struggles.

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Las Vegas casino venues are suspected of being ground zero for the spread of COVID-19. It’s almost impossible for health authorities to implement contact tracing, the one tool that gives officials hard evidence of the spread of a virus. In the case of Vegas casino visitation, customers come to Vegas, visit the resorts and then return to their homes across the United States. The  sheer number of travelers makes contact tracing in the midst of a pandemic unlikely.

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Never underestimate Vegas casino online fantasy football fans. In a battle between fantasy football and the coronavirus pandemic, fantasy football fans are preparing for the upcoming NFL season and are ready to meet the uncertain season head-on. They are ready to consider how the pandemic will affect certain players, adjust for the way that rookies might be behind early in the season and factor in the shortened pre-season as it reflects in Average Draft Positions. 

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Casino analysts see sports bettors transitioning to the online casino due to the lack of sports betting options. In the meantime, other punters are searching for new and more exciting gaming opportunities. Slots designers and online casino operators are coming to the conclusion that it’s in their best interests to change their approach to how they design new no deposit bonus codes slots. 

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The world of esports has ascended during the pandemic. Whereas esports once compromised small competitions played out among geeks and nerds, it is now a lucrative industry for online casinos and sportsbooks that’s challenging the established sporting world.

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The live streaming community now has a Facebook platform where they can stream Vegas casino online games, view tournaments and create new content. The Facebook Livestream isn’t as crowded (as of yet) as YouTube or Twitch but that’s good news for small streamers who have more opportunities to get noticed as they stream their material. Streamers don’t yet have huge audiences on Facebook but the slower start is exactly what Facebook is banking on because, they believe, starting slowly will allow them to grow more steadily and eventually overtake their rivals.  

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Online casino daily fantasy sports providers are providing imaginative solutions and promotions to ensure that veteran DFS enthusiasts as well as new competitors can continue to compete in fantasy sports contests.

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Almost every professional sports league halted events in March 2020 to protect team members, support staff and fans from COVID-19 infections. Training was put on hold, matches were cancelled and sports-related activities, from sports media broadcasts to sportsbooks, were left scrambling to find alternatives.

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In an effort to engage young American teens, U.S. military recruiters are connecting to this demographic through Twitch online casinos gaming streams. The Army, Navy and Air Force all have Twitch channels where they stream their esports teams with the goal of identifying talented players who are showing signs of quick thinking, analytical skills, fast reaction time and other abilities that may be useful to the military.

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Video gaming is attracting big corporations and major investors  who are falling over each other in their efforts to provide services, sponsor players and teams and get in on the ground floor of the Vegas casino esports industry in any and every way possible.

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