Play the Ultimate Freeroll Grande Vegas Casino Tournaments

If you like just a little competition, you’ll love our Grande Vegas Casino tournaments. There are a few simple reasons why players love our slots tournaments.

Current Tournaments:

  • We run several tournaments all the time.
  • Entry fees are either very small or totally free.
  • The top prize is most tournaments generally runs about $250 - so the key is fun.
  • These are never hard-nosed tournaments. Instead, we emphasize the fun you can have playing in a casino tournament with players from all over the world.
  • All players play on an even playing field.
  • Players lose no competitive advantage by entering late.
  • Some tournaments last a day and others last a week.

Players Love Tournaments

Interestingly, although players love these relatively small competitions, not every online casino does! In contrast to the party-poopers, Grande Vegas strives to be the premier tournament casino online. To play in a tournament, you first have to download the casino. Then it’s easy to enter any tournament.

You can play all our great RTG games while waiting for the tourney you want to play in to begin. If you’ve been playing, you’re already logged in to the casino and set to join the tourney.

How Do I Sign Up?

Go to the Slots Tournaments section and follow the simple instructions. Choose a user name for you to be identified by in the tourneys section.

Some tournaments have an entry fee and some don't. Whether there is an entry fee or not, the tournaments basically follow the same rules.

Tournaments with no entry fee are called freeroll tournaments. Freeroll slot tournaments are a perfect way to get a lot of playing entertainment at no cost whatsoever!

Play with Credits

Whether you play in free casino tournaments or in a casino tournament with an entry fee, you don’t play with real money. Instead of playing with real money, you play with tournament credits. The special slot tournaments software counts your tournament credits as you play. Any “winnings” you get from your tournament play also get converted into tournament points. Then, the player with the highest point count, wins the tournament. And sometimes there are multiple winners: first place, second place, and so on. So, you can’t win a huge jackpot in a tournament - you win the prize money for placing. And you DO have a lot of fun playing!

Schedules Vary

Each tournament has its own built-in time frame. This might be a day, a few days, a week, a weekend or any other appropriate time frame.

Your participation in any tournament can last the entire time period of the tourney or it expires if you run out of tournament credits. If that happens, you can usually, extend your playing time and keep going. So, running out of credits in a tournament is no big deal at all! Or...move on to enter another tournament!

Even Playing Field

In Grande Vegas casino tournaments, we even the playing field by giving each player the same number of tournament credits and by converting winnings into points. This means that you compete against all the other players to see who is the luckiest this time. No one can get more playing credits so no one has an advantage in credits or in time available to play. The only advantage any player has is in the amount of luck you have today!

Enter a Tournament Today

Even if a tournament started before you wanted to enter it, in most cases you can enter anyway. This is because the duration of the tournament is fixed and the number of tournament credits each player gets is also fixed. In effect, it means that you just started late but on a level playing field with all the other competitors!

Low Fees or Freerolls

We always have some freeroll tournaments in addition to the tourneys with an entry fee. The potential prize money in freeroll slot tournaments is likely to be less than in tourneys with a fee but the difference is miniscule and doesn’t detract at all from the overall enjoyment of the competition.

Some players play in slot tournaments almost exclusively. These players simply love playing slots and free casino tournaments give them the chance to do so at no cost. Other players use the tournaments as a diversion from their regular casino gaming.

In either case, Grande Vegas Casino tournaments showcase why we say that Grande Vegas is the premier tournament casino.

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