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Facebook Gaming debuted in 2020 and from the get-go it has been pushing to take over as the #1 social media gaming platform for content creation, competitive gaming, content viewing and casual gaming. Facebook Gaming isn’t focused on real money online casino gaming in the same way that players find at the Grande Vegas no deposit bonus code casinoIts target audience is gamers, streamers, viewers and other fans who want to take console gaming to a new level of competition and engagement.

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Casinos put tremendous efforts into securing their facilities to guard against swindlers, con artists, cheaters and other tricksters. It’s estimated that worldwide, casinos invest billions of dollars in surveillance, tech security and human security personnel to safeguard their interests as well as those of their customers.

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Gaming tribes from around the United States have started to set up shop in Las Vegas in an effort to establish on and reliable revenue for the future. The tribes, which all own successful gambling establishments in their own states, are expanding operations into gambling’s mecca in recognition of their growing power and influence in America’s gaming industry. Some of the tribes are dabbling in the online casino realm like our own Grande Vegas casino login gaming but others are focusing on operating traditional land-based casino gambling in Las Vegas itself.

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Some gamers are satisfied with a screen and a control device but if you want to improve your overall gaming performance and experience, you might want to explore some of the gaming gadgets that are on the market today.

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In a move that many legal analysts saw coming, a federal judge ruled that the compact signed last April between the State of Florida and the Seminole Tribe violates federal law and is invalid. The ruling means that the Seminole tribe’s plans to expand their casino empire and introduce sports betting options and online casinos like our own Grande Vegas Casino promo codes is, for now, being shelved.

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Online casino gaming has been a favorite pastime among African gamers for many years. Now, two Kenyans are leading the African charge into the world of esports. The first African to land a big-time sponsorship (Red Bull) was Thabo “Yvng Savage” Moloi from South Africa but the true explosion in esports engagement is coming from East Africa where two Kenyans are putting African esports on the international map.

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The online gaming world has been watching Roblox for an indication of how the gaming industry will do, long-term, in the post-pandemic era. Roblox created and operates the popular video-game platform where users can play and design games, reported bookings (a measure of sales that takes into account deferred revenue and other adjustments) for third-quarter 2021 that beat all expectations. The stats indicate, say analysts, that Roblox will continue to inspire users’ enthusiasm and loyalty despite the loosening of pandemic stay-at-home restrictions  and the opening of opportunities to move around freely.

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There is a growing movement within the education community that is promoting the use of games and simulations in the classroom. The development is based on the belief that students belong to the “net generation” and to the “gamer generation” – a generation that, because it has grown up with technology, has different learning styles and social interaction patterns than previous generations.

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Big money – millions of dollars – may end Twitch’s reign as the uncontested forerunning of the streaming space for gamers. Facebook Gaming has been attracting Twitch’s most popular streamers, inviting them to join FB Gaming in return for remunerations of millions of dollars.

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This summer, the latest chapter in the war against sexual harassent of women gaming streamers was played out when streamers on Twitch spoke out against the culture of sexism and harassent in the esports and streaming communities. While gamers at the Grande Vegas casino login are totally insulated from such charges, the prevailance of such harassment in other sectors of the gaming world has caused concern. Now, many of those whistleblowers are facing online abuse for speaking out.

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