Poker podcasts are helpful to new poker players and veterans alike

If you're  searching  for more in-depth information about a subject, consider finding a podcast.  There are podcasts about any number of subjects with new podcasts released all the time. Poker players are finding poker podcasts to be highly useful in learning more about the game, getting perspectives from pros, hearing about varying strategies and techniques, finding the best welcome bonus casino offers and more.


A podcast is a digital audio file that you can download from the Internet to a computer or mobile device. Some podcasts are one-time broadcasts but others are available in a series format.  Listeners can sign up for a podcast and be notified when a new installment is released.

Some podcasts are from companies or networks but most are from individuals who want to share their expertise with others. There are podcasts in almost niche subject and poker is no exception. A number of poker enthusiasts have created podcasts to share ideas about strategy, news about tournaments, interviews with pros, alerts about updated events, background about different poker players and more.

If you want to expand your poker playing with additional information, check out these poker podcasts.

Red Chip Poker Podcast

The Red Chip Poker Podcast focuses on bringing interviews with poker "influencers" and mini-coaching sessions to poker enthusiasts in a once-weekly format. Red Chip is one of the most popular poker podcasts that caters to both online and land-based poker competitors thanks to its large variety of material.

There are interviews with coaches and poker personalities, discussions about varying strategies, coverage of tournaments, news about upcoming events and expert advice about listeners' particular games.  Online players can get advice about live poker game strategy and coaching sessions are broadcast to show real-life poker situations and how the pros suggest dealing with them.

Red Chip Poker podcast can be downloaded for free from iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. Archived podcasts are available for download.

Poker on the Mind

Poker on the Mind mixes basic poker strategy with what gamers need to know about the mental gymnastics of playing poker.

The thrust of this podcast is to instruct higher-level players, both those who compete on-site and those who play online, how they must play a stronger mental game. As the edges in the higher stakes games become razor-thin, this is important materials for high-level players, though all poker fans will gain from the tips provided.

The hosts balance instruction on the psychology of playing high-stakes poker with memories of their own games and interviews with other players.  An especially good podcast for tournament players.

The Poker Life Podcast

If you want a break from the nuts and bolts of playing poker, check out The Poker Life Podcast for the lowdown on the lifestyle of your favorite poker players.

On-site and online poker celebrities discuss various topics including information about their lives, a behind-the-scenes look at how they prepare for tournaments, what their daily routines look like, how they improve their skills and more. Many of the players have some wild stories about their experiences in Vegas and they're only too happy to share those with listeners.

Ante Up Magazine Podcast

Ante Up Magazine was the first to do a poker podcast and it's still one of the most popular ones out there among land-based and online poker competitors. You never know when an Ante Up podcast will come out but poker aficionados look forward to the new broadcasts.

There's a lot of varied content -- news, strategies, live tournament coverage, lifestyle and other poker-related info. To keep things moving the show features different segments including  ‘Hand of the Week,‘ ‘Listener’s Spotlight‘ and ‘O’Mally’s Move‘.

Listeners are invited to participate in the podcast with questions and comments. Ante Up Magazine was named the Best Poker Podcast by Bluff Magazine's Reader's Choice Award.

Thinking Poker Podcast 

Most poker players find that the Thinking Poker Podast is one of the most balanced poker broadcasts.  It offers a mix of news, advice and information about events in the brick-and-mortar and online poker scenes.

The podcast hosts feature interviews with poker celebrities, reviews of poker books, ideas about next level strategy and information about the players so you get to know the people who are leading the poker community. Especially helpful are the reviews of specific poker hands which give listeners tools to apply theory to real life situations.

Everything is explained simply so even if you're a novice poker player you'll get a lot out of the sessions.

Smart Poker Study

Sky Matsuhashi hosts Smart Poker Study which includes lots of useful information about poker HUDs for online and on-site players (HUD refers to “head-up display” which is an app for your computer that collects and displays statistics about other competitors) and interviews with top poker players from around the world.

Matsuhashi  has plenty of experience on both sides of the felt and his podcasts, in which he instructs about strategy, is delivered with an insider's understanding of a poker player's interests and needs. Smart Poker Study is especially good for beginner-intermediate players. 

TwoPlusTwo Pokercast

This "pokercast" is comprised of an online community that covers all aspects of online and brick-and-mortar poker gaming.

There are promotions, news, interviews with poker players, live online poker information, online chat rooms, strategy discussions, and overviews of big online and live poker tournaments.

Many of the world's best players participate in the TwoPlusTwo community so listeners hear stories, jokes, crazy prop bets and other unique material that they don't hear anywhere else.


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