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Tech enthusiasts are targeting the growing no deposit bonus codes gaming industry in their enthusiasm to add new elements and features to the gaming landscape. A number of new start-ups are dedicating time and effort to creating more compelling and interactive gaming adventures than ever. 

Some of the most interesting gaming start-ups include: 


If you want to take your gaming events to a new level, SteamElements is there to guide you on the adventure. SteamElements is moving into the increasingly-popular social gaming scene with a live-streaming service that connects players’ gaming activities to Amazon Twitch, Facebook Gaming and YouTube as well as to the Mixer video game live streaming platform.

Using the Stream Elements platform, users can stream simultaneously on several sites while offering and receiving analytics and audience engagement tools.  They include

  • OBS Live for easy stream management in which the player’s channel’s chat and activity feed is integrated into OBS
  • Cloud-based custom commands, viewer loyalty systems and spam protection
  • Browser-based all-in-one overlays which have been optimized for Mixer, Facebook Gaming, YouTube and Twitch
  • A merchant center where gamers can design and sell their own branded merchandise and have StreamElements manufacture and ship to buyers


If you’re a game developer, you might want to check out Overwolf which makes it easy for developers to build apps for their games. Overwolf is for people involved in the backstage of the gaming industry who are looking for ways to enhance existing computer games with personalized modifications and extensions. You don’t pay to use Overwolf but the extensions that you develop can be sold and the profits split between you and Overwolf. 

Overwolf features include:

  • A real time game-event API that tracks key game events so you can respond quickly with your own apps
  • In-game overlays that give you the tools to build desktop in-game overlay apps or second screen functionality using simple HTML or JAVA script
  • Tools to apply for funding through Overwolf’s INTEL partnership
  • Tools to monetize your traffic with unique ads that are targeted at specific gamers and don’t interrupt gameplay   


Comunix allows gamers to interact via voice, instant messaging and video technologies that the company supplies to mobile and computer game companies. The Comunix tools enable the users to experience live, face-to-face communication in multiplayer games. Comunix tools are spearheading the new generation of social gaming by making it easier for people to connect while they play.

Comunix looks to accomplish this through video communication, video conferencing,  video game conferencing, social games, VOIP, multipoint video conferencing and mobile video conferencing.


Novos has created a training platform for players who want to develop the skills that will enable them to reach a higher level of gameplay in the most efficient way possible. The platform implements tools and skill-building practices via machine-based learning. Users have access to a training regime that is designed specifically for their own individual needs. 

There are existing game analysis tools and coaching marketplaces but the platform NOVOS focuses on behavior by creating an effective and long-term training routine that’s designed to help the player improve. The NOVOS system adapts to evolving needs, as it monitors the player’s improvement and guides the player to change his skillset as he advances in the training.

The system uses machine learning technologies to track users’ progress and measure their skills and weaknesses in order to enhance their gaming abilities. NOVOS  methodologies are based on proven principles that were learned from professional esports and traditional sports teams so that, through structure and customized proven techniques, players can experience more success.

ShapeShift Gaming

ShapeShift Gaming aims to enhance the esports viewership by indexing live video game streams so that users can enjoy an interactive viewing experience where the games are tracked and analyzed and the information is available to all. Users will be able to access a database where the live video-game streams will be categorized for easy access and organization. Using ShapeShift Gaming also enables viewers to guess the outcomes of the gaming events as they unfold online and win game perks and credits for correct guesses.


Anzu connects gaming and advertising through the immersion of non-disruptive brand ads across platforms and within video games. Anzu recognizes gamers’ frustration over the constant interruption of the flow of their free gaming event by popups and ads. The Anzu technology minimizes that disruption by use of non-intrusive advertising elements that blend seamlessly into the gameplay.

Anzu has something for everyone –-- developers can monetize existing audiences, advertisers can reach new audiences and gamers can play without disruptions. 

Fountain Gaming

Fountain Gaming Ltd. has created a platform auto-scans users' computers and imports their games from other clients (Origin, Uplay, Steam, GOG, Blizzard and more). The platform, called “” allows users to view, launch, and manage all their games in one location. Through the Gaming Marketplace gamers from different levels are connected. Skilled players can monetize their gaming events and sell gaming sessions to novice layers. Social Matchmaking gives users the chance to connect to more gaming partners.



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