AI and online casino gambling

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a facet of almost every aspect of human behavior. AI is being applied to industries, education, merchandising and leisure activities in increasingly frequent measures.

Now, Vegas casino sites are exploring ways that AI can make their services more effective, more efficient and more helpful to their clients. Adding AI opportunities at retail and online casinos provides gamers with a more satisfying and rewarding gaming experience.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence, often referred to as “AI”, involves machines that simulate human intelligence. The machines are programmed to mimic humans’ actions and think like humans. Many of these machines exhibit traits associated with a human mind such as problem solving and learning.

Today, AI impacts every industry and indicates the future of those industries. AI has  been a driving influence in robotics, big data and internet-connected devices that collect and transfer data without human intervention over the Internet (i.e. home security systems). AI is expected to continue to act as a technological innovator in the coming years.

There are a number of different types of AI which have been responsible for automating repetitive or mundane tasks, making business functions and processes, problem-solving, etc. Some real-life applications of AI include:

  • Search functions
  • Social media
  • Google maps/ride apps
  • Face detection and recognition
  • Chatbots
  • Digital assistants
  • E-payments
  • Text editors/autocorrect

Now, AI is moving into the realm of the Vegas Casino gaming industry and gamers are watching their entertainment world become more engaging than ever.

AI at the Online Casino

Casino companies are starting to examine how AI can be used in their platforms and to what extend AI can enhance user experience.

AI isn’t new to gaming. Twenty years ago, chess master Gary Kasparov lost to Deep Blue, an IBM computer. Since that time, AI has advanced tremendously with improved memory, improved processing speed, better machine-learning algorithms and more.

Today the AI transformation is having a significant impact on the gambling and online casino sectors. Casino operators are putting significant resources into the question of how they can best collaborate with AI technology to create better gameplay while adding to the casino operators’ future offerings.


AI is already being used to increase sales for casino operators, both retail and online. Through AI, casinos can analyze player behavior, evaluate the behavior and use that knowledge to more successfully market to existing and potential customers.

Using computerized database systems in combination with loyalty programs and club cards, casinos can evaluate the reasons that customers select certain games, stop playing or switch games.

AI data provides information about a number of trends. Casinos can identify the elements of a game make it popular and then acquire more, similar games. It can determine how the arrangement of the games influences player selection, which types of reviews draw the most players, etc.

Providers collect the data, analyze the information gleaned from the trends and use the figures to maximize profits. Simultaneously, customers enjoy a more individualized gaming experience with promotional offers that enhance their casino visit.

Online Casino Websites

AI offers even more opportunities to online gambling sites. At retail sites, only a small percentage of players use club cards and loyalty programs but for players who gamble online, everyone is involved. That means that the activities of all casino patrons can be tracked and analyzed with the appropriate conclusions drawn for future marketing activities.

Online players can enter the casino virtually. This enables the site to customize the casino  to each player’s personal interests and needs. AI tells the operator, automatically, which games the customer generally chooses so the website can present those games to the gamer first and make it easier for him/her to select a game and start playing immediately

Promotions that fit the player’s eligibility are also easily visible so each player receives the promotions which meet his/her  level and eligibility. For instance, a first-time gamer will automatically see the Welcome Bonus promotional information while a blackjack aficionado will have table game bonus info pop up on his/her screen. Thus, the accessibility and familiarity of the casino to create a more inviting and engaging gaming experience is increased.

Customer Service

When AI is allowed to play a part in the online casino’s customer service, the results are impressive. Many support teams use bots but chatbots give customers an unfortunate customer experience. With AI, the customer support tech will be a better communicator while personalizing the conversation through familiarity with the customer’s preferences.

Using the information processed by AI technology the support staff person will be better equipped to provide individualized solutions, deliver those solutions faster, resolve problems more efficiently and communicate in a way that meets each customer’s interests, gaming level and betting level.


Gambling addictions are an ever-present problem for both retail casino and online casino operators. Laws mandate that casino operators identify and exclude people who demonstrate problem gambling behaviors. AI analyzes player-related data to identify problematic behaviors and activities.

The software notifies the casino about the behavior and the casino can then block the user’s account. By blocking the account, the casino can move forward to continue the conversation in a way that insures that all policies regarding players with problematic behavior are being followed.


AI can protect both casino operators and casino customers. Using data analysis and self-learning skills, AI can identify cheaters while protecting casino software from hacking attacks.

From individual game and promotion interfaces to user-friendliness, AI brings casino players a safer, fairer and more personalized gaming adventure.

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