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Regardless of whether you’ve seen the Akbar Romeo Walter film, you’ll be drawn into the aura of mystery and suspense when you play the new Akbar Romeo Walter card game, now available for free or real money gaming entertainment at the Grande Vegas online casino. The deceptively simple game of prediction conceals tales of espionage and intrigue where the player may find himself checkmated in one instant and then free to soar in the next.

RealTime Gaming, one of the leading developers in the gaming industry, adapted the Akbar Romeo Walter film to the gaming screen where every move can make the difference between a loss and a stunning winning payout.

Akbar Romeo Walter Action Film

Akbar Romeo Walter is an action film that was based on real-life incidents in the life of Ravindra Kaushik, an Indian spy who operated as the “Black Tiger” in the 1970s.  In the 2019 film, Akbar adopts the persona of a man named Walter who becomes “Akbar” as the Indian-Pakistan conflict explodes. Walter becomes a master of deception in his efforts to serve his mother country.

The Akbar Romeo Walter card game offers a gaming adventure that is both simple and suspenseful. The drama of the Akbar Romero Walter film comes to the gaming screen where you’ll be asked to predict whether the next card dealt is a high-value card (a “Walter”), a low-value card (an “Akbar”) or a mid-value card (a “Romeo”). To succeed in this game you’ll need the same kind of clear thinking skills and luck on which a spy relies as you aim for your share of fun and fortune.

Akbar Romeo Walter tests your intuition as you navigate chance and strategy. Regardless of whether you’re a high-stakes player or a budget gamer, you’ll enjoy this light-hearted casino event.

How to Play

The challenge in the Akbar Romero Walter card game is the betting system. Before the cards are dealt, you’ll be invited to place your bet on either “Akbar”, “Walter” or “Romeo”. Each represents a specific range of card values and there are different payouts associated with each bet.

Placing a bet on “Akbar” means that you’re betting that the card that you’re predicting will be an Ace, 2,  3,  4,  5 or  6. If your bet is successful the payout is 2.12:1. Making an “Akbar” bet means that you’re placing a safer bet that covers more numbers, even though the payout is less than a “Romeo” win or a “Walter” win.

If you bet “Romeo” you’ll be betting on a 7, 8, 9 or 10. The payout for this bet is 3.15:1. Here, you’ll be aiming for a moderate payout on a bet that strikes a balance between a risky bet and a successful wager.

A “Walter” bet is the riskiest bet. You’ll be betting on the card drawn being either a Jack, a Queen or a King, so there are only 3 winning cards for a Walter Bet. Yet, a successful Walter bet gives you the highest payout of the game at 4.15.1 so if you’re prepared to play boldly, this might be the right wager for you!

To play, choose your chip value and click on either “Akbar”, “Romeo” or “Walter” in the chip area to place your bet. Wait for a card to be drawn from the shuffled, 52-card deck. The outcome is decided based on that one card and the payout is determined based on the payout table. For example, if you bet on “Romeo” and the card drawn is an 8, you win at the rate of 3.14:1.  The cards are then shuffled and you can continue to place bets and make predictions.

Secret agents learn to trust their instincts and you must too when you play real money Akbar Romeo Walter at Grande Vegas.

Bonus Promotions

Best of all, all the traditional casino bonuses are yours when you play Akbar Romeo Walter.

If you’re playing as a VIP player you’ll receive a $100 no-deposit bonus when you start playing as a high-stakes player. The more your bet the bigger your bonuses as you add comp points, match credits, casino cash and other lucrative give-aways to your gaming event.

If you play with Bitcoin you can collect up to $2500 by cashing in on a 150% match bonus. There’s an additional Bitcoin promotion where you can get a 250% match bonus valued at up to $1000.

New Grande Vegas players are treated to a 150% Welcome Special that’s valued up to $300 on their first deposit as well as a $25 free chip which is applicable to all Grande Vegas casino games.

There are more Grande Vegas bonuses for Akbar Romeo Walter and other casino card games, table games, slot machines and specialty games. They include The Grande Monday Raffle for weekend gamers and the Mid-Week Raffle for week-day players.

If you need a boost you can apply for a 150% boost valued at up to $300 once a month!  All Grande Vegas players are eligible to join the casino’s slots tournaments and comp points are distributed for all casino events – your comp points will be automatically credited to your casino account every time you play any of the dozens of casino games!

Finally, contact the casino to ask about cashback deals where you can get cashback credits for unsuccessful gaming efforts. Those cashbacks can then be applied to fresh gaming endeavors.

Check out the new Akbar Romeo Walter card game, now available at Grande Vegas online casino! You can play for free in the Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode!

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