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If you like Aces and Eights, Double Double Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better and other Grande Vegas video poker games you’ll enjoy the new Andar Bahar card game which combines the fun of video poker with the excitement of a fast-paced specialty game.

Andar Bahar is the newest card game at Grande Vegas. It combines the anticipation of a round of blackjack or poker with the easy gameplay of casino variety games to give you a quick and easy game of chance that you can play on your PC or mobile device whenever you have a few minutes for some gaming fun.

There are no complicated strategies or intricate tactics – you just predict whether one of two boxes – the Andar box or the Bahar box – wins. If your prediction was correct, you collect your payout and proceed to the next round or exit the game to move on to something else.

Andar Bahar History

Andar Bahar has its origins in India where it was once known as Mangatha or Ullae Veliyae. It is still played as Ullae Velivae in Bangalore where, according to folklore, it originated centuries ago. In some areas, it’s known as “Katti”. Andar Bahar was played amongst friends as well as at social gatherings and at festive events.

Even kids can play it – it’s that simple but among adults, the combination of simplicity and expectancy has made it into a competitive game where the wagering of chips, tokens or coins heightens the expectations. Many Indians play it on the street but today, with Andar Bahar’s migration to the online casino, people can enjoy it whenever and whenever they choose.

Play Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar offers gamers on all ends of the betting spectrum a chance to play according to their personal betting preferences. No skill level is needed – it’s a simple, fast-paced game with a range of betting options so you can play at the betting level that suits your needs and expectations.

Regardless of whether you’re a high-stakes VIP player or a budget gamer, you’ll appreciate the fun-filled gaming adventure that allows you to enjoy real money gameplay without a lot of bells and whistles while enjoying a light-hearted gaming challenge.

Once you open the game, the dealer will reveal the Joker. After you see the Joker you can place your initial bet by wagering on either rAndar or Bahar. The deal starts and the first box in which the Joker lands wins the round. If your initial call matched the box that the Joker landed in, you win!

That’s the game in a nutshell. Once you start playing, you’ll see that it’s a little more complex. But not much.

The Andar Bahar table has two  sets of boxes, “Andar” and “Bahar”. The dealer shuffles the cards before the round starts and then the dealer reveals the first card – the Joker – and places it in the center of the table. All players at the table place their bets based on their predictions of whether the Joker will land on the “Andar” box or the “Bahar” box.

The wagers are placed on the boxes and labeled “1st Bet”. After everyone has placed their first bet, the dealer closes the betting and begins to draw cards for each box – first one card for the Bahar box, then a card for the Andar box, then a card for the Bahar box, and so on.

If the Joker appears on the first card that’s drawn for the Bahar box, 25% of the amount that was bet on that box is paid to anyone who bet on the Bahar box and the players who wagered on the Andar box receive nothing.

If the Joker appears on the first card that’s drawn for the Andar box, all the players who wagered on the Andar box receive even money. Anyone who bet on the Bahar box doesn’t receive anything.

Next, everyone places a 2nd bet, the dealer closes the bets and starts to draw cards again. Again, the cards are placed on the Bahar and the Andar boxes alternately. The draw continues until another Joker is revealed. On both sides, the payout for winning the 2nd bet is even money/1x the initial bets.

There’s a Super Bahar bet that’s optional. You can place a Super Bahar bet when you put your chips on the box labeled “Super Bahar” during the first or second betting round. This is ONLY for the Bahar box, NOT the Andar box.

The sets continue for as long as you want to keep playing!

Many players like to take a break from the more intensive casino games like poker and blackjack to let loose with a bit of quick Behar Andar gaming fun. Behar Andar offers a chance for players to relax and enjoy a simple game of chance. Andar Bahar is a compelling gaming event so get ready for some fast-action, fun-filled gaming entertainment!

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