smart betting in Vegas the Grande Vegas Casino way

You can be a high-stakes no deposit bonus codes player on a low roller budget at Vegas casinos. It’s not obvious to the casual visitor but if you plan your visit out before you travel and stick to your plan you can enjoy a first-class online casino Vegas gaming adventure without breaking the bank.

This is especially true now as Las Vegas is slowly recovering from the pandemic shutdown. Currently the casinos are open, though with limited services and restricted entry. Casinos in Vegas are doing everything that they can to encourage casino aficionados to return to their venues.

In a way, it’s good that the nightclubs and restaurants are closed because that means that it’s easier to enjoy the true heart of Vegas, the casino tables and slot machines, while you stay within your budget.

Some suggestions for a Vegas visit:


You can look forward to the same gambling experience with the same games and the same thrills and excitement if you travel during the week. The weekend is still the most expensive time to visit Vegas and the prices go up considerably. And while we’re on the subject of time, you should try to schedule your Vegas trip for January, October or August when the price of airline tickets are lower than at other times of the year.

Booking in advance is also a good way to save money. You can find a flight that’s significantly cheaper if you book it 4 or more months in advance. Check the prices for Sunday arrivals since that’s the day that many people who came for the weekend are heading out… might score some good ticket prices and good prices on accommodations if you’re coming just as the weekend folks are leaving.

Play around with the tickets……many ticket booking websites let you enter multiple leave/return dates so that you can assess the differences in prices before you hit the “buy” button. (If you do that, use your incognito web browser window so that the ticket booking site doesn’t track you – if they see that you’re checking out different prices, they often raise the price to get you to lock your flight in).

Whatever you do, if you want to save money, don’t schedule a Vegas trip for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, New Years or SuperBowl weekends. As you can imagine, those are the most expensive times of all.

Comps, Coupons, Bonuses

Get as many comps, coupons and bonus points as you can.

Comps refer to “compensation” -- complimentary services and other give-aways that the casino gives out to encourage gamblers to play. They take the form of reimbursements for some of your losses and come in the form of discounted hotel accommodations, meals, etc.

The amount of comps that you get are generally dependent on several factors such as which game you’re playing, how much you played and how much you bet. If you incur significant losses, ask about the comps….sometimes you need to push the envelope a bit in order to remind the casino that they should try to retain your good will.

Casinos give you coupons when you sign up for your player’s card and they carry you throughout your visit. The coupons give you various offers on  t-shirts and other merchandise, meals, drinks and more. You don’t even need to wait until you walk into the casino to start collecting coupons and consider how you want to use them.

There are a number of travel and Vegas websites that  offers a downloadable coupon book (if you plan ahead you can also get a hard copy mailed to you) which feature dozens of coupons. You can buy the coupon book for a few bucks and save hundreds of dollars!

In addition to the coupons for collectables and amenities there are also matchplay coupons that allow you to double your gaming time for half the price. Search for “Las Vegas Coupon Funbooks” and get as many coupon books as possible.


Every Las Vegas casino has its own Players Card program. The player’s card tracks the games that you play. You earn points for those games, with a different number of points granted based on which game you play, the length of time that you play and the amount that you bet.

Based on that information, your Player’s Card is loaded with points and those points give you discounts on meals, bars, rooms for your next stay, etc. You load up your card before you walk out onto the gaming floor and swipe the card at tables and machines instead of wagering with coins, tickets and bills. The cards track your games, the amount that you’re winning and your pace of play. Using the card allows the casino to note whether they want to offer you more bonuses based on your play and wagers.


If you use a taxi, don’t pay with a credit card. The taxi service charges a service charge for credit card payments and it’s a hefty charge, way more than the 2.5% that the credit card company charges. Just pay cash.

That said, stick to public transportation unless you’re planning on doing some day trips outside of the city. Car rentals are expensive and unnecessary. The airport is a 10 minute ride from any hotel and you can walk easily around the city. There are even shuttles to Hoover Dam as well as plenty of Ubers, Lyfts and taxis to take you anywhere else that you want to go.


Once the buffets reopen, save money on restaurants and head to the all-you-can-eat buffets. The price per buffet isn’t low but you can eat one good filling meal a day and then snack on sandwiches, dried fruit, ramen noodles and other perishables that you can prepare in your hotel room for the rest of the day.


You can cut down on expensive drinks by bypassing the bar and drinking on the floor. Casinos serve drinks to people sitting at one of the gaming tables or at the slot machines so settle down and be prepared to be served (don’t forget to tip the server).

One item to remember – the casino serves you drinks because they’ve learned that the more alcohol you drink, the more you play.  Don’t worry about the casino….they get their money back one way or another.  But if you’re aware of this trick, you can enjoy your drinks while maintaining responsible gaming behavior.

Game Responsibly

That brings us to the most important tip of all.  Set an entertainment budget before you set out onto the gaming floor and stick to it.  Don’t gamble money that you don’t have and you won’t get into difficulties.


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