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For online casino gamers, specialty games offer a distinct and captivating alternative to the classic table games and ubiquitous slot machines. While slots reels spin and card decks shuffle, you can explore a different kind of thrill in which players experience simplicity, unpredictability and potential for big wins.

From classic favorites to innovative creations, casino specialty games add an extra dimension to the gambling experience, catering to a diverse range of preferences and interests.

Regardless of whether you focus exclusively on specialty games or enjoy some gameplay in-between other types of gaming event, you’ll enjoy the Grande Vegas casino’s specialty game options.

Specialty Games

Many gamers search out specialty games because they are some of the most user-friendly of the casino’s games. There are no complex techniques or intricate strategies involved with these specialty games, nor do you have to worry about keeping track of the game’s levels and bonus rounds.

The rules are easy-to-understand and the gameplay is straightforward which means that they are accessible to both novice and seasoned players alike.

Regardless of whether you choose to roll the dice in craps, try to choose the lucky number in roulette or search for the winning combinations in bingo, these games of chance are thrilling and rewarding.

In addition, when you play specialty games you aren’t faced with the kind of intensity of concentration and strategic thinking that you find when you play table games. Nor do you have the repetitive nature of slot machines. Specialty games are preferred by many players because you can compete in a relaxed and casual atmosphere, often with some type of social interaction which allow you to share a sense of community and enjoyment.

Today’s technological advancements further enhance the appeal of specialty games. You can find digital versions of classic games like bingo and keno at the online casino so you can play anytime, in any location, on your PC or mobile device. In the  coming years, it’s anticipated that virtual reality (VR) technology will be added to these games for a more immersive and interactive experience.

You can find traditional specialty games at the online casino along with new game concepts that push the boundaries of entertainment and creativity. Some games blend elements of different genres while others feature specific themes. New players and veteran gamers like will find something to suit all interests, playing levels and betting preferences.

Grande Vegas’s Specialty Games

Grande Vegas online casino offers a wide selection of specialty games so that every player can find the game that suits his or her interests, tastes and playing level. You can choose from multiple options including:


These days, most casinos offer only the American roulette variation but at Grande Vegas, you have your choice of either American or European roulette.

Roulette, which means “little wheel” in French, was introduced to casinos on the French Riviera in the 18th century and ever since,  has continued to be a popular casino game. The game involves throwing a ball into a spinning wheel with numbered/colored pockets.

On a European roulette wheel there are 36 numbered/colored pockets plus one zero pocket and on an American roulette wheel there are the same number of colored/numbered pockets but there are two zero pockets.

The additional pocket increases the house odds from  2.70% for the European wheel to 5.26% for the American version. So it’s clear why casinos prefer that you only have the American variation option but at Grande Vegas, you have your choice!

The fun comes in when you place your bet. You have numerous bet options including the lower-risk outside bets that occur more frequently but pay out at a lower rate and the higher-risk inside bets that occur less frequently but pay out at a higher rate. There’s something for everyone in this game!

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game that has become popular with gamers around the world. It’s played with three dice and players throw the dice next to a layout where they place their bets on their predictions of how the dice will fall.

Possible wager include bets on predictions of the total of the throw of the three dice, the sum of the throw of the high and low dice and predictions of doubles and triples. You can also wager on your prediction of possible two-dice combinations that are non-pair such as a 2 and a 5. Or, you can bet on the single numbers.


Playing craps consists of rolling the dice multiple times. After a “comeout roll” that totals 7 or 11, anyone who bets the pass line automatically wins. A comeout roll of 2, 3 or two means that pass line bets automatically lose. Other comeout rolls become the “point” and the shooter must match that point in subsequent rolls.

Following the establishment of the point, you need to roll that number before a 7 comes up – if a 7 comes up before the point, the dice throw passes to the next shooter. Each person can choose whether to pass or become a shooter.

The fun comes from the betting. There are pass line bets, place bets, craps and eleven bets and hard ways bets. It sounds complicated but as soon as you start to play, you’ll quickly pick up what you need to do. Then, onward!

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