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Poker is one of the casino’s most popular games. Gamers enjoy the challenge of combining gaming luck with player skill to build a hand that will beat the house.

Online casino gamers enjoy the interactive fun of playing video poker which offers several advantages over live poker – online video poker is more convenient since it can be played whenever and from wherever the gamer chooses, it’s faster, it’s possible to play as high roller casino games or for low stakes, the odds are consistent and there are practice modes where players can learn the rules and strategies of the game while playing for free.

Land-based casinos usually offer only one or, sometimes, two poker variations but when you play online you have multiple options from which to choose. Each variation offers its own type of strategy, excitement and entertainment.

Why Are There So Many Variations?

The online casino offers a variety of poker variations for several reasons:

  1. Players can each choose the poker variation that suits his or her personal preferences. Some players might prefer the fast-paced action of Omaha poker while others choose the strategic depth of Texas Hold’em poker. Many gamers, especially newcomers, find that the simplicity of Three Card Poker is more to their liking. Casinos offer a variety so that they can give each individual gamer the poker variation that best suits his/her individual tastes and level.
  2. Having the option to choose between several different variations of poker adds to the entertainment value of the casino visit.  Trying out different types of poker is a fun way for players to keep their gaming experience fresh and exciting. For the casino, increasing the number of variations offered leads to increased revenue as poker gamers play more games for more time.
  3. Different types of poker are popular in different regions. Players in some countries are accustomed to playing one kind of poker while in other areas, they are used to playing different variations. By offering several choices, the casino can attract more gamers from more regions.
  4. Some variations of poker require higher skill levels than others. For example, Caribbean Stud or Three Card Poker are a simpler poker variations where the gamer relies more on luck than skill. More complex variations – Omaha Poker or Seven Card Stud – are more suitable for advanced players who want to bring their abilities to strategies into the game.
  5. The more variations offered means that the stakes can be different. This accomodates players looking for high roller casino games AND those looking for a penny-stakes game.
  6. Casinos that offer multiple variations of poker are able to host a wider range of tournaments which attracts tournament enthusiasts from around the world.

Popular Variations

What are some of the most popular variations of video poker?

Sevens Wilds Poker

As of now, Sevens Wilds Poker can be found only at casinos using SpinLogic Gaming software but it’s growing popularity will almost certainly mean that other software developers will soon be offering their own Sevens Wilds Poker events.

Sevens Wilds Poker is similar to Deuces Wild where the 2s act as wild cards. However, in this game, sevens are Wild and deuces are simply cards with a value of 2.” If you get four sevens, the payout is less than that of four deuces in Deuces Wild. There are increased payouts for Straight Flushes and 4-of-a-Kind and a reduced payout for Wild Royal Flush hands.

Loose Deuces Poker

Loose Deuce poker is another RealTime Gaming variation of the Deuces Wild Poker with a small twist -- four deuces pay more, while straight flushes and 5-of-a- Kind pay less.

As with the other Deuces Wild variations, you’re always focusing on the deuces in your hand and you will want to build your hand around the deuces whenever possible. That means that even if you have a hand that might be strong in another poker variation (Flush, Straight, etc) you should try to maximize any deuces that are in your hand even if that means that you discard other combinations.

That may go against everything that you’ve learned in other types of poker but casino advisors note that this strategy is the best one for these types of Wild Poker games.

Joker Poker

Most gaming developers have some type of Joker Poker because it’s one of the most requested poker variations. The game is played with a deck of 52 cards and a joker card. You can play one hand at a time or multiple hands at the bet level of your choice.

Once you’ve pressed “Deal” you’ll receive 5 cards. Then, you can keep or trade in as many of those 5 cards as you want. The Joker is Wild and can replace any of the other cards to give you the chance to create a better hand.

As with traditional poker games, the goal here is to build the best hand that you can with the 5 cards that you’ve been dealt – and one chance to trade those cards.

The Wild makes it easier to build a good hand but the payouts tend to be correspondingly lower than with a traditional poker variation.

Jacks are Better Poker

Simply put, Jacks are Better Poker is a regular  poker game but…..there’s a payout ONLY if your hand includes cards that are Jacks or Better. For every pair or Jacks or higher that you are holding, you’ll get extra points.

Jacks are Better Poker is popular among knowledgeable poker players because they know that the house advantage is lower than that of other poker variations, giving the player more opportunities to score winning payouts.

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