crowdfunding for gaming companies

When Grande Vegas began to consider how to best offer the highest level of Grande Vegas no deposit bonus codes, they didn't need to turn to the crowdfunding economy for advice about how to get their initiative off the ground. But let's see how this popular phenomenon could be involved in the gaming world.

Gaming companies and online casinos have come to rely on such community platforms to get new products off the ground. Crowdfunding is a relatively new method in which young businesses can access a local community to ask questions, find guidance and raise money to fund new initiatives.

Crowdfunding is a new innovation but it has already become popular within the gaming world, especially as a fundraising strategy. Investors look for promising opportunities to get involved with new initiatives and those enterprises can access information and finance their projects without turning to established systems.

Crowdfunding  for Gaming Companies

The crowdfunding strategy has proven successful in the gaming world, especially for small companies who can use crowdfunding to access seed money to get their gaming projects off the ground. Companies are watching the evolution of the crowdfunding economy to determine how they can optimize it to boost their initiatives.

When you turn to crowdfunding to secure money to fund a project, you attempt to raise small amounts of capital from as many people as possible. Crowdfunding works through social media to bring entrepreneurs together with investors. This increases entrepreneurship through the expansion of the pool of investors beyond the traditional pool of venture capitalists and friends and relatives.

Investors visit crowdfunding sites to examine the projects being offered and make an investment (individual investments can be as little as $10).  The investors can then expect to reap a percentage of the profits from the project if it is successful.

Some notable game projects that got their start through crowdfunding campaigns include Friday the 13th: The Game by Gun Media, Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm by Yatagara, 7 Days to Die by Fun Pimps Entertainment, Camelot Unchained by city State Entertainment, Shround of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues by Portalarium and Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs – the Game by Team Saber Rider.

A World Bank analysis estimates that the total market value potential of crowdsourcing by 2025 is $90 - $96 billion per year. Companies that intend to take advantage of crowdsourcing should keep an eye on coming changes that can make the difference between getting a new project off the ground or not.

Boosting the Crowdfunding Economy

There are a number of factors that may boost the fundraising economy. Reward-based platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GadgetAny have been the preferred platforms up until now but many companies are starting to move to equity-based platforms where they can reach out, not only to rich investors but to people who are interested in supporting the project as well as the entrepreneur’s dreams and visions.

This means that investments will be spread out among more people who each invest smaller amounts of money. These groups of investors will now be those who control the investments and the decision-making power that goes with that.

The change means that there will be more demand for education which will enable new investors to be brought in. Potential investors and businesses will need to be educated on fundraising, investing, equity and trends in crowdfunding. Websites like Shareholder have stepped in to fill this need so that all verticals within crowd finance can grow at a healthy rate.

Another consideration to continue for successful crowdfunding is how to reach the appropriate audiences. There are thousands and thousands of backers looking for projects and projects looking for financing, A number of platforms have stepped up to meet this need by implementing a systems’ data-driven approach that will help to meet the requirements of the project posts. Other websites are experimenting with influencer search capabilities so that early adopters can introduce campaigns to as many people as possible. These include StartEngine and Crowdfunder.


Marketing firms have also begun to sit up and notice the benefits of crowdfunding’s expansion. There are numerous digital marketing firms  with entire teams devoted to helping clients use crowdfunding effectively. They help publicize their campaigns, cover the campaigns in the media and make it easier for the campaigns to come to the notice of potential investors.

Daniel Pianko, Managing director of University Ventures, says "Crowdfunding investments won't replace expertly managed investments funds any time soon. But it will be an exciting part of a new investing dynamic. Going forward, entrepreneurs will have to consider whether going to crowd markets first or instead of private investors and investors will have to figure out what early crowdfunding success means for a potential company. And what's most interesting is when professional investors start leading' funding initiatives rather than raise their own small funds."


If you’re considering crowdfunding, you need to identify the right platform for your project. For instance, Kickstarter and Indiegogo specialize in entertainment projects including films, music, journalism, food-related projects and gaming initiatives. GadgetAny focus on tech-related projects. Patreon guides creators-bloggers, podcasts, musicians, live-streamers and YouTubers.

Some niches including gaming, education, non-profit fundraising, music, research and projects for specific locales are starting to have their own fund-raising platforms where, they believe, they will attract more donors who are interested in their specific efforts. Crowdfunding is expanding in many new directions and is attracting new sectors but, for those who understand what’s happening, it offers a way to enter the marketplace from a strong start.

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