Are you Feeling Lucky?

If there is one thing that gambling helps you acquire, it is a sensitivity to the flow of luck in your life. You can learn to feel when luck is strong and when it is not so strong, when it is random and when it can be channeled.

Of course, that's just a feeling. It is impossible to really have any effect on the luck you actually have. But feelings can be pretty powerful. They can influence how you make decisions, especially when playing at the online casino. You might choose to make a bigger or smaller bet depending on how much luck you feel is flowing in your direction. You might even decide to close up shop for the day because luck has been nothing but trouble all day.

The opposite can also be true. Something might happen in the course of the day to indicate that they flow of luck as at a peak right now. If you want to cash in on that great luck at the online casino, you have to play immediately. In the old days, that wasn't going to be possible and the feeling would come and go and there was nothing to be done about it. But today, thanks to the online casino and the mobile casino, you can play wherever you are, so you never need to miss a chance for the big time.

Many Ways to Channel the Feeling

There are a number of different ways to get in touch with the flow of luck you believe to be guiding you. The most reliable way is by marshaling your experience into a vision of the future. After playing long enough, certain patterns begin to emerge. The games take on a rhythm that essentially matches the odds of winning and the payout percentage at a given casino.

Those patterns, in turn, are probably the most reliable guide for when things are going your way at the casino and when they are not. Those patterns are actually not more revealing of what will happen at any given game than any other method of making decisions. But the patterns are real and will be close to the reality over a period of time.  

Another way of working out what is likely to happen in the future is to look deep inside yourself and true to intuit the answer. While most people agree that intuition is a real thing, it is not something that we have learned to harness. Some experts believe it is essentially the same thing as the knowledge gained from experience finding expressing deep down in one's inner mind. While there is nothing wrong with trying to guess the future, remember that you are doing no more than guessing based on the smallest prompts and variances. Some may be real hints and others just coincidences.

It's hard to know the difference but those who spend time at the online casino can testify that trying to figure out the future through intuition is one of the most satisfying experiences when you turn out to be correct.

Finding the Sweet Spot

Take a poll of people who have online casino experience and a large percentage will tell you that the key to success at casino games is knowing how to set realistic goals. And goals such as winning a certain amount of money, or winning a certain particular game, are not realistic goals. Better goals are more general but easier to fulfill such as to have fun or to try to guess something and seeing if it happens. Those kinds of goals are built into the fabric of the game if you approach it that way.

Having fun at the online casino rarely comes down to winning or losing. Having fun is getting to feel that real thrill of having money on the line. It is, of course, a truism that people with skin in the game are the most engaged. That's even more true when the skin that we're talking about being on the line is a person's hard-earned cash.

That's when we really pay attention. That's when every bit of information is important and useful. That's when it counts and that's when it gets to be the most fun.

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