new sports betting opportunities at the Freemont Street Casino

Freemont Street Casino patrons will soon be able to add sports betting to their gaming pursuits. The land-based and online casino sportsbooks will enable sports enthusiasts to place bets on any of dozens of sporting events while the games are in play.

Freemont Street casino owner, operator and developer Derek Stevens’s new sportsbook “Circa Sports,” is a revolutionary sportsbook venture that may very well change the sports betting scene in Vegas. Circa Sports has been approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission and will debut at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino this week. 

Circa Sports

Stevens envisioned creating a sportsbook that combines his signature customer-first approach with big-name oddsmakers such as Sportsbooks Director Matt Metcalf. Metcalf introduced Westgate’s SuperBook and is now set to join the Freemont Street operation. Circa Sports is planning to feature one of the most competitive wagering menus in Las Vegas which will establish it as a leader in the city for sports futures.

The sportsbook will launch at the Freemont Street Golden Gate casino. A satellite program will then be introduced at another Freemont Street property, the D Las Vegas. Those two teasers will pave the road for the main event – a multi-level, stadium-style sportsbook, to debut at Circa Resort and Casino. Estimated opening for the Circa Resort and Casino sportsbook is December 2020.

Each Circa sportsbook will be different in size and scope. There will be a best-in-class team at each Circa location that will be ready to deliver the right kind of sports betting experience for each individual participant.  There will be options for professionals and novices alike. All sites will be focused on good customer service.

Stevens has been anticipating this launch for a while. “It’s no secret that I’m an avid sports bettor – I’m taking everything I’ve learned and everything I love and bringing it all to Circa Sports to create the best possible experience for our guests,” said Stevens. “Circa Sports will take people back to old-school Las Vegas hospitality, where our guests and oddsmakers interact closely in a friendly and fun environment.”

The sportsbook at Golden Gate was designed by MOSER Architecture Studio. It will feature a state-of-the-art video wall with 18 screens. The LED boards will display betting odds. Two betting kiosks will be placed on either side of the room. There will also be a mobile component for live betting and other types of online betting. People will have the opportunity to bet on their mobile while they view the displayed odds. The casino will provide customers with complimentary valet parking that will bring them right to the book within minutes.

According to Metcalf, “There is truly no casino operator who understands sports betting quite like Derek Stevens.  Together, we’re creating a one-of-a-kind fan experience that can be enjoyed by bettors of all types. We plan to make placing bets easier than ever for advanced bettors, while ushering in a new wave of novice players who are seeking the advice of experts to help guide the way.”

Derek Stevens

Those who know Derek Stevens aren’t surprised that he’s putting so much effort into creating a quality Vegas sportsbook. Stevens has always prided himself on staying in touch with his customers. He can often be found, sitting at  The D’s Long Bar, chatting with customers.

Stevens is the majority owner of Golden Gate Hotel & Casino and the D Las Vegas. He and his brother came to Vegas in 2008 on vacation and decided to buy the Golden Gate casino. By the end of the year they owned the property and soon expanded. Their casinos consistently are among Vegas’s highest-performing venues.

Stevens’s background includes his experience working as CEO of Cold Heading Company. Cold Heading was started by Stevens’s grandfather in Detroit to sell tools to the automobile industry.

Stevens has wanted a sportsbook for years. He is a fan of many different types of sports and enjoys betting on the games.

Circa Sports

Circa Sports will start taking bets later this month. Circa Sports will run at the Golden Gate and at The D, where William Hill had been running the book while Stevens was going through the process of getting his own license. The Golden Gate and The D sportsbooks are just the prelude for the multi-level megabook at Circa which is scheduled to open in December 2020.

The opening will be the culmination of Steven’s dreams. “We’re ready to go. The final details are being worked out and we’re really excited. We’re going to make everyone feel welcome. Whether you’re a big bettor or a small bettor, doesn’t matter. We want you to come in, place a bet, catch the games, have some fun.”

Although Stevens wants to cater to all bettors on all betting levels, he will be trying to attract the high rollers. ”“We’re not going to shy away from the big bettors,” Stevens said. “I’m not a guy who forgets this is gambling.”

He has been in contact with a number of professional sports bettors, including columnist Bill Krackomberger who writes for Gambling Today. They have been helpful in giving advice. “We’re going to take their action,” Stevens said. “We’re going to welcome them in.” 


The mobile betting app will, Stevens believes, allow the Circa sportsbook to reach new populations and make it easier for long-time sports bettors to place their bets at their leisure. The ability to place a bet without a visit to a land-based casino site is, Stevens says, a fact of life in 2019.

His focus is to make his app user-friendly, quick, convenient and secure. “It’s going to be a unique way for people to get involved,” Stevens said. “Sure, we’d love for them to come visit us at the Golden Gate and the D, and eventually, when we open the book at Circa. But the phone app is very popular, especially for young people, and that’s an audience we’re trying to attract.”

At the outset, Circa Sports will not apply a vigorish to bets made at the Golden Gate property. Zero-cent lines will apply to the Major League Baseball, NBA Finals and Champions League soccer final between Tottenham and Liverpool.

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