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If you’re a dedicated gamer you turn slot machines, a popular casino attraction into a lucrative side gig and get paid for playing. You don’t have to be a tech wizard to turn your gaming entertainment into a money-making enterprise. There are positions in the gaming market for video gamers, online casino players and others. Check out the ways that you can share your passion with other players and make money at the same time!


People have played games in every civilization and in every era since the time that prehistoric man walked the earth. Anthropologists and archaeologists have found extensive evidence that people have always played betting games, from six-sided dice dating to around 3000 B.C. from Mesopotamia to Senet boards that date back to the era of the Pharoah’s of ancient Egypt. Ancient China had Keno, the ancient Greeks played tesserae and in Rome, people bet on the outcomes of chariot races and gladiator games.

Gambling started to become more organized in the Middle Ages when gambling houses opened. These early casinos featured a wide range of games for players of all levels and preferences. As more casinos were built, more people started playing gambling games. Options for both high-stakes and low-stakes games were offered, making the casino a gaming venue that was attractive to everyone.

Today, the number of people playing casino games has skyrocketed. Gaming enthusiasts are no longer limited to visits to the closest casino venue – it’s no possible to play all casino games from the comfort of your own home on your PC or mobile device at the online casino.

That means that you can also earn money in the gaming market through work-at-home gaming activities. Some methods of earning money require that you have the skills to work as a professional developer or designer but there are plenty of other methods that you can employ that require willingness and enthusiasm – and that’s all!


There are so many different types of games, variations of a specific game and adaptations of old favorites that it can be hard for a new casino visitor to understand what s/he needs to do to play and succeed. That’s where you can step in. Create tutorials that give guidance about how to play a game, the options that the player has within the gameplay and the techniques and tactics that the gamer can use to succeed in the game.

It’s easy to open your own online video channel and demonstrate how to play a game from A to Z. Take it slowly because most of the people who are looking for these kind of tutorials are new players who need patient guidance to walk them through the gameplay.

Point out the different features in the game including how to slow the game down or speed it up. Give options for free gameplay or real money gambling and show the viewer how s/he can move from the Free Mode to the Real Mode as s/he wishes. Give players a chat option so that they can ask questions and chat among themselves. The more interactive your videos are, the more viewers you’ll get.

Once your channel is up and running, you can monetize it. You can enable short feed ads and fan-funding features (channel membership, Super Chats, Super Stickers, Super Thanks, etc), turn on adds, turn on shopping options and get a percentage of the YouTube Premium revenue that viewers pay if they’re signed in as premium members.

Remember, it’s all about content.  You need to keep your content fresh and engaging with new videos being streamed at least once a week, if not more. You might want to run contests or tournaments to get your viewers competing among themselves or even compete with some of your viewers yourself.

Send out challenges: “Who will be the first to win $10?” “Who will be the first to hit a jackpot on a specific machine?” If you’re creative and friendly and provide your viewers with fresh, valuable information, you can earn a nice chunk from your video tutorials.



Video content isn’t for everyone so you should consider providing your information on your own website. You can add your videos to your website but you should add the information in written form as well.   A written guide is a good place to add tips and tricks for advanced play. It’s a good idea to include screenshots as part of your written content which will make it easier for some site visitors to envision what you’re talking about.

Your written content can be published in a downloadable ebook or on protected pages that can be downloaded for a payment. Marketers suggest that you offer some free content as an incentive for viewers to want to buy your premium content. You can also consider advertising or affiliate marketing as a way to monetize your website.

Game Coaching

You can market yourself as a game coach to help clients improve their gaming skills. Your services might include reviewing recordings of your client’s gaming activities to offer insights for more effective strategy, going through practice drills with clients, providing updates about new games, game variations and gameplay, etc. Many gamers appreciate the one-on-one attention that can come via coaching.


Developers often look for playtesters who are knowledgeable about the market and can provide feedback about new games. The feedback is helpful to developers in identifying glitches in new games and getting outside perspectives of the gameplay.

If you’re interested in becoming a game tester, you can find testing positions through ads in gaming publications or direct communications with the development companies. Be prepared to follow directions, work according to deadlines and communicate your feedback.

Turn your passion for gaming into a money-making gig with a job in the gaming industry.

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