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If you are simply interested in some fun-filled gaming entertainment, you can find your preferred game and start playing. But if you want to try competitive gaming, you can level up and join esports competitions.

Getting Started

Playing Esports basically means that you will be playing no deposit bonus codes video games at the professional level. You have to be willing to devote time to becoming a skilled player to develop expertise and establish yourself in the community. For many people, online casino eSports is their life’s work.  

They spend all day, every day, practicing, playing or engaging with viewers to talk about the game. Your skill in the game isn’t the only important element of being an esports competitor – you have to create a presence in the esports community. Once you have established yourself you can begin to generate an income through sponsorships, your content and the prize money that you can win at tournaments. 


You need to find the right genre for you for your esports gaming. You’re going to be playing the game all day, every day, as you practice, practice, practice. There are many kinds of competitive video games so you can narrow it down by deciding on a genre with which you have prior experience and with which you feel comfortable.

Some people jump into esports thinking that the most important thing is the content of the game in which they intend to specialize. But just as important is the genre that you choose. You need to decide which genre of game you excel in. There are first-person shooters (FPS), fighting games (FGC), rhythm games, battle royale, multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA), real-time strategy (RTS), collectable card games (CCG), sports games and massive multi-player online games (MMO).


As with any sport, you learn the most by observing the competition. You can find a wide range of video content online for any type of competitive video game. This content is available on television and through gaming platforms. Watch the professionals to get an idea of the kind of content that you will need to create. On the one hand, esports is about the competition. On the other hand, esports competitors who create content, engage with their fans and speak knowledgeably about their craft while developing a relationship with viewers are those who succeed in this world. 

There are a number of live-streaming websites where you’ll find competitive video games. They include Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming and Steam. Most esports competitors have their own YouTube channel and their own live-stream channel. Watch those who have already become successful in the industry for ideas on how you want your own channel to be set up and to operate.


Once you’ve chosen your genre, you can choose your game. Try out a few games before you decide which one is the best option for you. You want to make sure that you feel confident with your skills and that you enjoy the game so you’ll know which one is the game that will give you the best esports experience and future.

If you start with a game and find yourself getting bored, it’s probably best to move on and try a different game before you invest too much time in a game that you aren’t enjoying. Don’t plug away at a game just because you’ve started with it… the end, it won’t be worth it. 

Gaming Platform

Pick a gaming platform that supports the game that you have picked. Some games are available on specific platforms while others can be found on almost all of the major platforms. Some platforms only support a specific PC brand. Check out the price – Nintendo tends to be the least expensive gaming platform but, again, a lot depends on the game that you want to play in competition and whether it’s supported by the platform that you choose.


Now it’s time to focus on your game. If you’re playing professionally, you should aim to excel at one specific game. You need to be an expert on the role that you play within the game and you must know every possible tactic, player ability and mechanical option of your game.

Practice as much as you can. You can try to get your practices in before and after your other job or activities, but you shouldn’t forget that, if you want to compete professionally, you’ll be playing against competitors for whom esports is their full-time job. No matter how skilled you are, you can’t practice a bit here and there and then play against people who are practicing all day, every day.   

Some suggestions:

  • Schedule your practice hours. It will help you to stay consistent and committed. Some players find it helpful to write down a list of areas on which to work and then check them off as your sessions focus on those specific areas.
  • Find other players who are willing to practice with you. The best players won’t want to play a low-skill player but as you get better you’ll have as much to offer other pros as they have to offer you.


Watch streams of other players who are playing the game that you’ve chosen. You can pick up tips on tactics and strategies – some you may want to adopt while others may give you ideas for your own gaming. Look online for lists of esports players who play the game that you want to play and check their rankings. That will tell you which players to watch.


Training camps, tutors and other coaching events can help you connect with other players and get some one-on-one guidance that you may not find anywhere else. Today, it’s easy to connect with coaches and guides from around the world so you can get the best guidance for your specific needs.


No matter how good you are, your skills won’t get you anywhere in today’s esports community if you don’t take some steps to get yourself noticed.  The best place to start publicizing yourself is to communicate with other players. There are multiple online forums and chat rooms where other people who play your game gather to discuss the game, trade ideas and give mutual support. It’s vital that you get to know your game’s community and…..for them to get to know you. 

Online Presence

To have a successful career in esports it’s essential to create an online presence using social media and live-streaming tools. Once you attract followers and viewers, you can start to attract sponsors.

  • Twitter accounts exist for every esports game so you can join your community as you connect and build your own brand.
  • You’ll also need a live-stream channel on an esports streaming site. All content should also be posted on your YouTube channel.
  • Almost all professional esports players have a crowdfunding website where they solicit donations. Patreon is a fund-raising platform that is favored by many professional esports competitors.

Leagues and Teams

If you join a league or a team you can connect with other people who play our game, help you boost your skills, extend your esports network and keep you motivated. There are numerous online forums, fan sites, espots website forums, guilds, clans and other in-game organizations that help to connect people playing the same game.

Make Money

To make money in esports, you have to create and maintain an online presence which can then be monetized. Ways of making money include donations (as previously mentioned), finding a sponsor and through advertising revenue (streaming sites like YouTube and Twitch allow you to monetize your content through advertising).  One of the reasons that many players compete in tournaments is because they can then attract attention of sponsors, advertisers and donors.

Becoming an esports competitor isn’t easy but if you’re a passionate gamer, it can be a rewarding way to indulge in your passion while making some money.

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