Play keno for fun and fortune at Grande Vegas

Keno is one of the world’s oldest and most popular lottery games. Now it’s available for online real money gambling entertainment at the Grande Vegas online casino.

You can enjoy keno play online at any time and from any location when you play on your PC / laptop or mobile gaming device - phone / tablet.

Keno online involves all of the fun and anticipation of a hard-copy keno game but with the added convenience of being available online 24/7. Keno involves no gaming or betting skill so you don’t have to practice.

Just spin the keno ball and wait to see which numbers come up! If the number that you chose is on the list, you collect an immediate payout!

About Keno

Keno originated in China where it evolved into a government-sponsored lottery under the Han Dynasty which was trying to raise money for its wars. The game involved participants paying an entry fee in order to be able to select the numbers that they predicted would come up in a draw.

To allow the game to be played simultaneously by as wide a population as possible, the government devised a system by which the results of the draws would be disseminated by white carrier pigeons that would be sent to the various towns and villages in which people were playing.

In China, the “Great White Pigeon Game” involved 80 Chinese characters that corresponded to characters on small balls that were placed inside a large ball. Lottery players would choose up to 20 characters and bet on the numbers that they had chosen.

When the lottery took place, 20 characters would be chosen and payouts would be distributed based on the numbers of correct characters that each lottery player chose.

Today, numbers have replaced Chinese characters but otherwise, the game remains similar to the lottery played thousands of years ago in China. Every number that you choose will pay out if it’s one of the numbers picked by the lottery.

Keno Online

To play keno online, you sign into your online casino account and navigate to the “Specialty Games” area where you’ll find keno. Click on “Keno” and select the number of keno games that you want to play.

Make your bets for each draw – it’s suggested that you start slowly but work towards playing the maximum number of games possible in order to if you’re aiming to achieve the highest payouts.

Fill out the Keno card. You’ll see numbers listed from one to eighty and you’ll be prompted to check off the number of “spots”, up to 20, that you plan to play.  You wager on each spot. When the draw takes place, the numbers will be announced and you’ll see how many of your 20 “spots” match the picks – that determines your payout prize!


Keno is purely a game of chance with the results determined by your random predictions of which numbers will come up in the draw.

Some casino observers, however, offer tips to keno players that, they say, will increase their chances of success. They include the suggestion to play consecutive numbers, play specific numbers consistently game after game and selecting numbers that haven’t come up in awhile.

The one tip that is a sure bet in helping you achieve higher payouts involves the casino bonuses. If you stay “on the ball’ and apply the casino bonuses to your keno games you’ll play more real money keno games for more time without the need to add additional deposits. Any wins that take place on those free games are real money games and the prizes are real cash prizes.

Grande Vegas casino bonuses include:

  • Welcome Bonus -- You'll receive up to $300 in 150% match credits when you submit the “WELCOME” coupon code when you make your first deposit. There's an additional $25 in casino cash for new players who want to test out the online keno game or any other casino game with the “TESTGV” coupon code
  • Comp Points -- Every wager of $10 on any game entitles you to 1 Comp Point. After you collect 100 Points you get $1 in casino cash that you can use to play keno or any other casino game.
  • VIP Bonus -- Accumulate up to 5000 Comp Points during any three-month period and you'll qualify to join the casino's VIP Club. VIP members receive higher wagering limits, a $100 VIP bonus of casino cash, more comp points, higher deposit bonuses and more.
  • Monday Raffles -- qualifying deposits made between Friday and Sunday make you eligible to enter the Grande Monday Raffle where you have the chance to win up to $500 in casino cash. For deposits made between Monday and Tuesday you can enter the Grande Midweek Raffle for another chance at an additional $500 in casino cash.
  • Bitcoin Bonus -- bitcoin users are presented with up to $2500 in bonus cash for deposits made with bitcoin
  • Cashback Deal -- If you play without any other type of bonus give-away you'll be eligible to request a 25% cashback on any deposit.
  • Quickie Boost -- the Quickie Boost is available to all gamers who deposit $25 or more. Eligible players can collect 150% up to $300 once a month.
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