Alien Wins online Slot machine at Grande Vegas

The new five reel Alien Wins online slot machine brings extraterrestrial antics to the gaming screen. You have the opportunity to enjoy an interactive game of gaming elements and winning combinations that combines with the best online casino bonus in the USA (or elsewhere for that matter) to deliver winnings that are out of this world!

Alien Wins is a high volatility, high payout game Grande Vegas online casino adventure that features Morphing Wilds, Bursting Wilds, Cosmic Wins and the best casino welcome bonus in the industry.

Alien Wins is now available for both free gaming fun and real money gambling entertainment at the online casino.

The game was inspired by high interest in the phenomena of aliens – creatures from outer space who come to earth to interact with humans and explore the human world.

Now online players can do some interacting of their own as they engage with the aliens while aiming towards the goals of completing winning combinations and achieving real money payouts. Alien Wins is featured at the online casino and plays on both downloaded casino software and on the casino’s website on any Internet browser.

The game has many twists and turns but it simply adds to the excitement of making contact with alien beings. All players collect casino bonuses when they play Alien Wins and new gamers are treated to an extra Welcome Bonus for added winning opportunities.


The current interest in Unidentified Flying Objects, UFOs, dates back to 1947 when pilot Kenneth Arnold saw a group of nine high-speed objects flying near his small plane near Mount Rainier in Washington.

Arnold reported that the objects moved “like saucers skipping on water". New sightings ensued and soon the Central Intelligence Agency became involved in the effort to determine whether these phenomena were actual sightings or simply the product of some citizens’ over-active imaginations.

Over the years, the US government and other governments have invested significant resources in efforts to debunk the existence of UFOs and aliens. Skeptics say that no evidence has been found because none exists while believers say that the governments have a vested interest in hiding the truth from their citizens.

Regardless, the question of whether humans are the only living beings in the universe continues to intrigue scientists and laymen alike. In recent years the Kepler space telescope has been able to show that the Milky Way contains at least one billion Earth-size planets that orbit Sun-like (or smaller) stars.  These planets’ surfaces have liquid water.

And the search for aliens continues even today with NASA leading the way.

Today, not much more is known about the existence of aliens than was known 80 years ago. Bacteria to support the existence of life outside of earth hasn’t yet been found, much less a race of aliens. But the research of multiple university projects, NASA researchers and scientists at the California-based SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute may soon give us the information that we have been waiting for regarding the actual existence of extra-terrestrial creatures.

Aliens Wins Slot Machine

Regardless of whether you are a believer or not, you’ll enjoy the Alien Wins slot machine which brings unexplored black holes, extraterrestrials and real money prizes to the gaming screen.

The Alien Wins slot features spacecraft, planets, goofy-looking aliens and other cartoonish symbols to line up on the game’s 10 paylines for winning combinations.

Maximum win is 50,000x the triggering bet making this a worthwhile game to enjoy as you explore exciting gameplay and opportunities to complete winning paylines.

As in the galaxy itself, the reels display vivid colors and strange and wonderfully-shaped objects. The Spaceship symbol is the game wild, meaning that it substitutes for any other symbol to complete paylines and trigger real money prizes whenever it appears on reels 2, 3 or 4. Wins range from 0.10 to 10.00 credits per hit.

Whenever wilds appear it activates the Morphing Wilds in which the entire reel expands and a re-spin is granted if a new wild appears on the second, third or fourth reel. Wins can be multiplied by x2, x3, x5 or x8, depending on the number of morphing wilds that emerge on a spin.

If that’s not enough, the Bursting Wilds Feature can trigger after a spin or a respin. This random occurrence adds an additional 1-3 Wilds onto the second, third or fourth reels.

When you hit the max cash payout you collect $300 on a max bet of $10 per spin. Minimum bets are $0.1 per spin so you can play at a level that meets your personal betting needs.

All players have the opportunity to enable Cosmic Spins in which one or two Wild Symbols appear on each spin for 10x or 95x the bet respectively.

Over the years there haven’t been many outer-space-themed slot machines but science fiction fans will thrill to this interactive gaming adventure. In addition to the game’s bonus features, players are able to add the casino’s promotional initiatives to their gaming activities to achieve even bigger wins and larger payouts.

If you’re a new casino gamer you can add the Grande Vegas Welcome Bonus credits of 150% up to $300 with the "Welcome" coupon code to your Alien Wins game experience. Check out the other casino promotions including the daily promotions, promotions for weekend and weekday play and progressive jackpot bonuses!

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