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For some old-time casino fun and entertainment that you can enjoy in an atmosphere of online excitement and interactive fun, choose online casino craps right here at Grande Vegas. Many years before social media and Internet betting became popular, craps was a favored game for gamblers who were looking for a game that features companionship, competition, challenges and fun.

Craps has a long and illustrious history. People have been playing craps since medieval times when, according to legend, Crusader knights would pass the time while they were waiting to lay siege on the Hazarth Castle which was located in northwest Syria. Thus, the historians say, the groundwork was laid for the game of Hazard which later morphed into craps.

There are other theories about the origins of Hazard but it’s generally acknowledged that the game of craps that we know today was based on Hazard. From the 1800s onward craps was one of the most popular games at the great French Riviera casinos and was immediately incorporated into the Las Vegas casinos that began to open in the ‘40s.

For many years, however, playing craps outside of a high-priced casino was an iffy proposition. Neighborhood pick-up games could be found in many areas of the country but the integrity of the dice was never assured and stories abounded about “loaded dice” and other forms of cheating.

Today you can play play craps online for money with no worries about security or reliability. The online casino assures patrons of a genuine craps adventure that they can enjoy at any time and from any location when they play on their PC or mobile device. Players sign into their casino account and play in the Free Mode for free or in the casino’s Real Mode for real money prizes. There are no table limits so you can play at a level that is comfortable to your personal betting preferences.

The casino offers many different types of casino games – poker, blackjack, roulette and other favored casino games. So why choose craps?


Craps is pure excitement and social interaction. When you walk through a land-based casino, you’ll usually see the craps tables crowded with bettors and spectators, all of whom root for the shooter to win.

Craps may seem intimidating, especially if you’re playing next to a bunch of people who seem like they know what they’re doing.

But in point of fact, craps players are generally a friendly bunch and they’ll welcome you into the game wholeheartedly and explain what’s happening. If you decide to play they will likely even offer you advice!

When you play at the online casino you can stay in contact with other friends who are playing at the same time through social media. That way you can experience the same kind of competitive entertainment and camaraderie that you’d feel if you were playing at a brick-and-mortar casino, all while enjoying the convenience of relaxing online gameplay.

Low House Edge

If you’re playing for real money you can enjoy a low house edge on your craps game which means that you have a better-than-average chance to win your rounds and collect payouts.  If you do your homework you’ll be able to make the right bets that increase the chances that you’ll collect wins.

The “Don’t Pass Line” offers a 1.36% house edge and the “Pass Line” features a 1.41% house edge. Both of these bets are made on a come-out roll when the round disk is not placed on a point and says “off.” If you “Place six” or “Place eight” you have a 1.52% house edge which is a very good bet indeed since place six and place eight pay 7 to 6.

Odds bets are one of the few casino bets offered at true odds which means that it’s a 0% house edge.

This means you should place these bets in multiples of 6.

If you focus on odds bets you can take advantage of one of the few casino wagers offered without a house edge. Odds bets payouts are dependent on the point that was set so, for instance, if the point is five or nine the payout is 3 to 2 while if it’s four or 10 the payout is 2 to 1.

For a point that’s six or eight the payout is 6 to 5. In total, this is a 1% house edge wager. You can reduce the overall house edge considerably if you bet the maximum odds. The house will continue to have an edge on the original past line bet but by betting a higher amount you reduce your long-term risk.

Betting Options

The third most-cited reason that people choose craps at the casino involves the betting options.

In short, there are probably more betting options in craps than there are in any other casino game which makes the game more exciting and more lucrative than ever.

In addition to the betting options listed above, you have bets that include field paying 3 to 1 on the 12 (2.78% house edge), field paying 2 to 1 on the 12 (5.56% house edge), place to lose 4 or 10 (3.03% house edge) and place five (4% house edge).

The house edge increases up to 11.11% for Easy Hops and 13.89% for Hard Hops but if you’re less focused on the win and more focused on the competition, you may want to give those risky bets a whirl.

Get into the “Snake Eyes,” “Seven Out” and “Little Joe from Kokomo” craps spirit with a fun-filled game of online casino craps.


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