Play the Tarot Destiny slot machine - new at Grande Vegas

The ancient practice of predicting the future by reading tarot cards comes to life in the new Tarot Destiny slot, a real money game now available at Grande Vegas. Tarot Destiny brings the mystery of tarot card readings to life with genuine tarot card images, a beautiful tarot card reader and more. All of this plays against the backdrop of fire imagery and music that evokes secrets and the unknown.

The 10-line, five-reel game can be played in the casino’s Free Mode for free or you can bet online and play in the Real Mode for Real Money Prizes.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are used by practitioners who draw cards to gain insight into a situation. Each of the 78 cards in the deck represent a different energy and the practitioner interprets cards that come up during a reading. Using the cards, readers make predictions, tell a story or “look into” the past, present or future.

A tarot card reading involves formulating a question, drawing cards and then interpreting the cards to gain an answer to the question that was asked. Tarot cards are one of the most popular tools of divination today worldwide. Most tarot card decks are similar but different readers “read” them in different ways.

Tarot Cards

The first mention of tarot cards was in the late 14th century in reference to the designs on playing cards. Four suits, as in today’s decks of playing cards, were featured on the cards – discs or coins, cups, swords and staves or wands.

Soon, Italian artists began to add additional illustrations which were called “trump cards.” Different noble families would commission paintings for their own family’s cards which would feature images of family members and friends.

In approximately the late 16th century the purpose of the cards changed, from cards used during parlor games to a tool for divination. People began to consider how to lay out the cards and to assign specific meanings to each card.

Some practitioners taught that the tarot cards contained symbolism derived from the esoteric secrets of Egyptian priests and was connected to legends of Isis, Orisis and other Egyptian gods. Soon, cards were being produced with artwork based on this analysis. Other theories included associations with Jewish mysticism (kabbalah) and hermetic mysticism.

In 1909 the Rider-Waite Tarot deck was first published. The deck has lower cards represented by characters instead of the original coins, wands, swords and cups. Human figures were incorporated into the imagery which relies heavily on kabbalistic symbolism.

Today many different decks are available but most rely on the default deck of Waite-Smith, though different decks are adapted to suit different motifs.

Reading tarot cards is as easy or hard as you want it to be. Beginners can read cards by asking a question, laying out the cards and then selecting a card whose meaning should give you insight into the question that you asked. The difficulty level increases for people who want to try more advanced reading with more complicated questions and more advanced understandings of the meanings of the cards.

You can go through the process of learning what the cards mean and how to apply them to various situation or you can simply explore tarot cards through some fun-filled online gaming entertainment when you play Tarot Destiny at the online casino.

Tarot Destiny Slot Machine

Tarot Destiny is a five-reel, 10 payline online slot where you can test your predictions to achieve lucrative real money payout prizes. The game is chock-full of alluring symbols, bonus rounds and special features to make your tarot journey into the unknown a rewarding one.

As you spin the reels you’ll see a beautiful gypsy tarot card reader, crystal balls, candles, owls, treasure chests, traditional slot letter and number symbols and, of course, the tarot cards themselves. There’s even a progressive multiplier that multiplies your winning payouts further and further until you have a chance of achieving the maximum win of 5000x your bet.

In addition to the exciting regular game spins with the bonus multiplier you can enjoy the game’s additional features including Hold and Win, Free Spins, Retriggering Free Spins and more.

The Gypsy woman is the game’s wild symbol which appears during free spins to substitute for regular game spins and direct you to more winning prizes.

The Crystal Ball is the game’s scatter symbol which triggers scatter payouts whenever you come up with three or more scatters on a regular game spin. Three scatters also activates the free spins game where the Hold and Spin feature appears. The Free Spins can retrigger if you achieve three or more scatter symbols on a free spin, meaning that you keep spinning the reels for free and collect all payouts that you achieve on those free spins.

Test your luck and powers of divination when you play Tarot Destiny at Grande Vegas.

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