Bitcoin for casino gambling

The Grande Vegas online casino is now a bitcoin casino where gamblers can play any of their online casino games for real money with bitcoin.

Gaming at our online casino with bitcoin means that you enjoy faster withdrawal times, bitcoin bonuses, lower payment fees, better exchange rates, the option for anonymity and other amenities that you won’t have if you use any of the classic ebanking methods that the casino supports.

If you’re thinking of using bitcoin for online casino gaming, you simply fund your bitcoin wallet and then transfer the amount of cybercurrency that you want to use for your casino betting to your Grande Vegas casino account.

You can transfer a small amount or, if you’re planning on an extended gaming event, a more significant amount. After you finish you can either leave your winnings in your casino account for another round of gaming at another time or withdraw it back into your bitcoin wallet at your leisure.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Grande Vegas supports both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash transactions. Which method should you use for a real money casino visit?

Bitcoin Cash evolved out of the Bitcoin network. Due to scalability, Bitcoin Cash can process transactions quicker than the Bitcoin network. Because the Bitcoin Cash network can handle a larger number of transacations per second than the Bitcoin network can, transaction processing fees are often lower and wait times are shorter.

On the flip side, security is tighter in the Bitcoin network than it is with Bitcoin Cash. Each player can make his or her own choice regarding his/her preferred cybercurrency transfer method.

Using Bitcoin

To use bitcoin for your casino gambling, you can obtain bitcoin at a cryptocurrency exchange, at an ATM, via a peer-to-peer money transfer app, from traditional stockbrokers or via wallet software.

Once you have the cybercurrency in your bitcoin wallet, you can link your wallet to your personal online casino account and transfer the desired number of bitcoin into your account.

The bitcoin automatically converts into casino coins so you can wager as many coins on as many games as you wish. The casino will prevent you from betting more money than you have in your account so you can pre-set your gaming budget according to your preferences and stick to that amount.

You can also use other casino-supported ebanking institutions including ewallets, wire and direct transfers and debit and credit cards.


No method of online banking is 100% secure but it’s generally acknowledged that cybercurrency transactions offer the safest option for transfers of funds.

Because bitcoin works through a decentralized blockchain it is a more secure method of banking. There’s an advanced peer-to-peer network of computers which keeps the ledgers (records) of all cryptocurrency transactions.

These ledgers are verified against each other and lowers the risk of fake tokens or fraud. The passwords that protect individuals’ wallets are believed to be impenetrable, though if someone else gains access to your wallet password, or you lose your wallet password, you could be stuck.

Some things that you can do to ensure safe transfers of funds to and from your casino account, regardless of whether you are using bitcoin or another method of online banking, include:

  • Only play at casinos which are supported by ebanking institutions that are certified as being safe and secure by international regulatory authorities. Both the casino and the ebank should be using 128-BIT encryption codes to encrypt communications to and from the casino account.
  • Only use ebanks that use multi-factor identification. Multi-factor identification – a required second way of providing ID, such as a SMS code or a phone confirmation along with the email log-in -– protects users by limiting log-ins to customers who can provide 2 methods of identifying themselves.
  • Never share your wallet password or your ebank password with anyone. Make sure that the password is secured in a safe place so that you don’t lose it.
  • Never click on links in emails that purport to come from your ebank or from the casino. That link may bring you to a phishing site where your username and password will be harvested to be used against you. If you receive an email, you can confirm that it really comes from the ebank or from the casino by logging into your ebank/casino account and checking your inbox within the ebank/casino website. If it’s a genuine email, you’ll have a copy of the email waiting for you within your personal ebank/casino account page.  And ONLY enter the casino through your app or via a direct web link.
  • Don’t send personal information to an email that purports to come from the ebank/casino. Again, even if you get a message asking you to “confirm your account information” or some such request, check your account page.  Some such requests often take the form of requests for information for tax purposes, fee demands, expenses, etc. Any legitimate request will be found in your account inbox.
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