how tech is changing the online casino industry

For years, the goal of the Grande Vegas online casino and other online casino platforms was to bring casino games to players so that they could play on their personal devices.

Today, new advances in technology are moving the online casino industry forward.

Thanks to different technological developments including innovations in artificial intelligence, the online casino is undergoing a transformation that will soon take it way beyond a simple Internet platform for playing casino games.

Artificial Intelligence

According to Britannica, artificial intelligence (AI) is “the ability of a computer or robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that are usually done by humans.” These are tasks that require human thought and intelligence including the ability to generalize, reason, discover meaning or learn from past experiences.

The development of human-like behavior displayed by a machines or systems dates back to the 1950s when Alan Turing, in his paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence proposed that computers could be programmed to extend beyond their capacity to simply execute commands and begin to store those commands and remember what they did.

Decades of research and development have brought us to a time when computers of today are capable of a vast multitude of tasks including speech and language processing, quality control, prescriptive maintenance and video surveillance and analytics. It is revolutionizing how many industries perform day-to-day undertakings including the medical world, governments and more.


The casino industry has embraced AI and it is altering the way that people play games.  The Internet casino industry has been especially quick to adopt many of the changes which is making online casino platforms safer and more user-friendly than ever. Some of the ways that AI is transforming online casinos include:


Both land-based casinos and online casinos have begun to explore how AI can help identify people with problem gambling behavior.  By analyzing player behavior, the casinos can detect signs of addiction by monitoring hours played, credit due and time spent on one specific game. Governments and lobby groups discuss the dangers of gambling addiction when they attempt to restrict casino accessibility so the industry has a vested interest in promoting responsible gaming.

If the casino detects that a player is showing signs of addictive gambling behavior they can alert the gamer to what the casino is seeing, provide solutions (self-imposed exclusion) or, in severe cases, exclude the gamer from entering the casino.

Data Analysis

Casinos rely on data analysis to retain veteran, valued customers. They have sophisticated AI systems that help them to understand each player’s preferences as well as how the population as a whole gambles.

By collecting and analyzing data casino operators can refine the games, promote specific games to specific players and tailor promotions to ultimately maximize their profits.

Currently, most online casinos rely on a support chatbot but an intelligent consumer support bot is almost certainly in the near future.


One advantage that online casinos have over land-based casinos is their bonus programs. While brick-and-mortar casinos give plenty of bonuses, those bonuses are tied to the casino – discounts on casino restaurant meals, discounts on casino hotel accommodations, etc.

Online casinos give discounts on the games and the bonuses come in the form of cash prizes that the gamer can take home along with the other winnings.

AI tech gives online casinos the ability to use data collection and analysis as part of the casino’s club cards and loyalty programs which provide the casino with the data that it needs to tailor its services to the needs and interests of the widest gamer population.

For example, if the casino identifies a player who prefers to leave his/her winnings in his/her casino account and withdraw it only after the account reaches a certain amount, a promotional email can be sent to that player that encourages him to withdraw the money earlier, or institute a withdrawal fee for big amounts that gives the player an incentive to withdraw more often – a money-maker for the casino.

Another example might involve having the AI identify the games that each player generally selects and target each individual gamer with those game promos.


Any casino knows that one of the key elements in attracting and retaining customers is customer experience. In addition to providing customers with the latest games, good bonuses and other amenities the casino needs to provide quick and accurate information to customers who have questions.

Casino customers always have questions. There are questions about how to play the various games, how to play for real money, how to withdraw winnings and so on.  If a customer doesn’t get an answer to a question promptly, s/he is likely to move on to a different casino which is more helpful.

For that reason, the online casino needs to ensure that it has a good chatbot that engages the gamers immediately and provides answers quickly.  Many chatbots can answer the most frequently asked questions on the spot but there should always be a staff person standing by to provide answers when automation isn’t enough.

Most online casinos have a support line chatbot but in the coming years, these chatbots are expected to become more “intelligent” in not only answering questions but in drawing the player into the casino for a more expansive gaming entertainment event.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and other technological advances, playing at the online casino is easier and safer than ever. As AI moves forward, so will its applications for the online casino industry.

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