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The technological advances that have been made over the last few decades include providing gamers with more convenient and lucrative gambling venues. There are, today, more options for gambling via PCs, mobile devices, gaming devices, online sportsbooks and other Internet gaming venues than ever before. With those advances comes the challenge of making sure that people who want to enjoy no deposit bonus codes gambling entertainment stay safe.

Online Casinos

Starting in the 1990s, casino gambling started to move online. The number of visitors to land-based casinos increased as well, demonstrating that online gaming was never going to replace live gambling entertainment. Yet players now found that they could enter the online casino and enjoy casino entertainment at any time and from any location on a gaming device. With faster and better Internet access becoming increasingly available, gamers today can open an online casino account and play all of their favorite casino games from the comfort of their own homes.

In 2020 it’s possible to find hundreds of online casinos on the Internet. Some gamers rely on personal recommendations when choosing their casino while others read reviews, check out the websites and review the casino’s licensing qualifications.

Casino advisors suggest that, when you’re ready to play at an online casino, you take the time to check the online venue so that you can determine that, in fact, the casino that you’ve chosen is a safe and secure gaming venue and that your money will be safe.

Some things to remember when preparing to determine where and how you will play at the online casino include:

Fair Gaming

Online casino software is run using a Random Number Generator. That’s the device that generates a sequence of symbols or numbers that can only be predicted by random chance. They generate random numbers or symbols in a way that constantly changes and is impossible to model.

Random number generators weren’t always technological. In the past they included shuffling playing cards, coin flipping, the throwing of dice and other techniques that ended in random results. Today, a mechanical random number generator uses mathematical algorithms to generate random numbers, thereby ensuring that every online casino roll of the virtual dice, spin of the slot reel or deal of the cards is a truly random event.

The international monitoring agencies that certify game designers and online casinos check the casino’s RNG as a matter of course to ensure that all of the games are fair and all the results are random. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the online casino to determine if they are supervised by an international, accredited monitoring agency and/or if the designer who supplies their games is under such supervision. If the monitoring agency provides a certification of approval to the casino and/or to the game designer, players can assume that the games are fair.

Your Gambling Commission

Many countries have a gaming commission or a gambling commission that monitors online casino activity in the country and provides citizens with information about problematic sites. Check out your country’s gaming commission to find out if they have identified specific casinos as operating in a way that is of concern. Some of these agencies include:

  • New Zealand Gambling Commission
  • Australia ACT Gambling and Racing Commission
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • United States – Gambling agencies are operated by local states
  • Canada – Gambling agencies are operated by local provinces 

You can check the local websites of these commissions to review any complaints about specific sites or write them a letter  or call with your questions. 


Knowing your limits is a cornerstone of safe gambling. Set realistic limits that ensure that you don’t gamble above your budgeted bankroll. You should never ever use money that is set aside for your living expenses as part of your gaming entertainment. Gaming should never interfere with your daily life.

A responsible casino will help you with that by setting policies that allow you to self-exclude when necessary and which give you resources to manage your gambling when needed. The casino that you choose should have a “time out” period that you can request when you need to reorganize and proceed in a calmer atmosphere.

Casino Banking

Online casinos’ digital banking procedures demand special attention. If you’re playing for real money you’ll need to have your casino deposits and withdrawals transferred digitally  to and from your casino account.

To ensure that your funds are secured, check the online casino's banking page. You’ll need a connection to ebanks that protect your funds by using encryption codes that guard your financial information and identity  via secure data centers and high-tech firewalls.

The casino-supported Internet banking institutions must display the seal of the United Kingdom's Financial Services Authority which most countryies rely on to regulate digital banking services that facilitate safe and secure online financial transactions.

Final Thoughts

To gamble safely online:

  1. Don’t download  any casino apps via a third party site. If you get a link to a casino in an email from someone that you don't know, don’t click on the link. Such an email might even purport to come from the casino itself. The email could well be a scam and the third party site to which it leads you might try to collect your username and password in order to invade your casino account or may be a source of malware that could invade your computer.

  2. Enter the casino's website, either on your PC or on your mobile device, via a direct casino URL. Type that URL into your browser's address line and then proceed with the log-in process.  If the casino has an app you can download the app into your gaming device and enter the casino via the app.

  3. If you're playing on a device which is used by others, log out after every session. 

Following these basic guidelines will allow you to ensure that you enjoy a safe and secure casino adventure. can just choose to play at Grande Vegas online casino where you KNOW your personal and banking info is safe and secure, and the gameplay is fair and FUN!


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