Jacks or better poker today, now, at Grande Vegas

The online casino - Grande Vegas, included - offers a wide variety of video poker alternatives – everything from 7s Wild and Double Jackpot Poker to Deuces Wild, Joker Poker and progressive jackpot poker games like Caribbean Stud and Caribbean Draw.

By far, the most popular casino poker option is Jacks or Better which offers poker aficionados the chance to play the most exciting poker variation at any time or from any location on any Internet-connected PC or mobile device.

Our "Jacks or Better casino" makes it easy and rewarding to play at your own individual gaming level and betting preference. You can play Jacks or Better for free in the casino’s Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode.

There are no table limits in online Jacks or Better so you are under no pressure to make a minimum table bet – bet a coin or two if you want to play a low-stakes game or move up to the VIP level and wager a higher amount if you want to enjoy a chance to win possible hundred dollar payouts!

Basic Poker with Extra Fun

Jacks or Better Poker is considered a “basic” poker variation. The rules are simple but the payouts can climb as high as those of the most complicated poker alternatives.  It’s easy to learn and doesn’t involve a lot of strategizing or technique – winning payouts are delivered for poker hands that involve only Jacks or Better.

Jacks or Better is similar to the original five-card draw poker but with the extra element of payouts for Jacks and higher, there’s enough excitement to keep everyone entertained.

How to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker

Once you place your initial bet in Jacks or Better, you’ll receive 5 cards. As in a game of five-card draw, you hold or discard your cards based on the hand that you think that you’ll be able to make once you complete your swap.

When everyone has finished betting, there’s a chance for each participant – players and the dealer – to discard as many of the five cards as they want as they build their hand.

Players attempt to create the highest-paying combinations possible. The highest paying combination is a Royal Flush – five cards, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, of the same suit.

Other combinations, in descending order of value, include a Straight Flush, four of a kind, a full house,  four to a royal flush (four of the five cards needed for a Royal Flush), three of a kind, a Straight, four to a straight flush, two pairs, three to a Royal flush, four to a flush, three to a straight flush and two to a royal flush. Whatever hand you have, however, you have to have AT LEAST a pair or Jacks or higher!


A lot of experienced poker players prefer Jacks or Better poker because it’s among the most rewarding poker variations. The RTP (Return to Player) is 99.54%, among the highest RTPs of any game at the casino. That’s because, with proper poker strategy, the game offers one of the highest percentages of win options.

Basic strategy

Basic poker strategy involves an understanding of how to play each hand, based on the probabilities involved in each hand’s potential for winning or losing.

Theorists say that you gain when you play your hand as if you could see your opponents’ cards. From that point, a number of strategies have evolved that guide you as you move forward with any specific set of cards.

Poker experts say that in all cases, the most rewarding strategy is “tight and aggressive.” That means that that you need to play in position as often as possible, be selective with your starting hand selection pre-flop and play aggressively post-flop.

In addition, post-flop, only hands that have some sort of playability (those that have the potential to make strong combinations or those that are strong in themselves like pocket pairs) should be played. That is about 20% of all hands – the rest aren’t worth pursuing.

Online Play

One poker strategy that many people don’t consider is the advantage that online players enjoy. When you play online, not only can you take your time as you decide how to proceed with each hand but you can add casino bonuses onto your gaming activities which allow you to play extra hands of poker with no added deposits.

By submitting the relevant bonus coupon when you make your bet you’ll collect casino cash, free credits, match bonus points and additional promotional give-aways.

Some of the bonuses waiting for you at the Grande Vegas online casino include:

  • Welcome Bonus – When you play poker at Grande Vegas online casino you receive a 150% Welcome Bonus that’s valued at 150% of your first $300 of poker fun. With the coupon code “Welcome” the Welcome Bonus credits will be immediately credited to your account so you can play Jacks or Better or any of the other Grande Vegas poker alternatives with free credits. The Welcome Bonus is available on all casino platforms including Download Casino gaming, Instant Casino play and mobile casino entertainment.
  • A $300 Quickie Boost for once-a-month extra gaming fun
  • Monday and Mid-Week raffles
  • Cashback deals on all deposits
  • Comp Points
  • VIP Bonuses for VIP gamers

Enjoy a gaming experience of fun and excitement when you play Jacks or Better at the Grande Vegas online casino.

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