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The coronavirus shutdown demonstrated, in a way that nothing else has, how susceptible our society can be to an event like a pandemic. More people than ever are working online and more businesses than ever are exploring how their industry can sell services and products without violating the necessity for social distancing.

The no deposit bonus codes that the land based casino industry uses so freely has shown itself to be particularly vulnerable. Billion-dollar casino venues are sitting empty with hope that the future will bring the kind of business that they saw previously. Now, some of the most forward-thinking casino operators are considering how the online market can give them the tools that they need to adapt to new circumstances.

Consumer Habits

The Transtheoretical Model describes when, how and under what circumstances people change their behavior intentionally. While the model was focused on explaining how long it took someone with an unhealthy habit to change to a healthy habit, much of the information contained in the research is applicable to consumer behavior.

The transtheoretical model determined that it takes 66 days to establish a new habit. That means that, if casinos want to retain their client base, they must move quickly to keep their brand foremost in their customer’s minds. So while their brick-and-mortar operations are closed, casino operators will have to come up with an alternative plan to prevent their players from moving to other online brands.

Business consultants are busy trying to help casinos move online as soon as possible. If they don’t, says Ade Repcenko, CEO of lottery solutions provider Spinola Gaming, they’ll lose their customers forever. Yet Repcenko sees the needed change as a challenge rather than a disaster. “Our industry is undergoing a change that has been long overdue,” said Repcenko. “The transition to online was bound to happen eventually in order to sustain business long-term, but it is now happening by force. It takes 60 to 90 days to change a habit, and after that there is no going back.“

“This process is going to take longer than 60 to 90 days, so customers’ habits are most certainly going to change, especially when they realise that it’s a better way of doing things regardless of the current pandemic. Online will become the new normal for the majority of lottery players.”

Repcenko is urging casino operators to make the investment to go online before it’s too late. “Retail and land-based lottery operators need to embrace the shift to online and be a part of this global digital movement in order to continue to thrive in the lottery sector for years to come,” he said. “We can help land-based companies intercept the player’s online journey. Our solutions allow operators to move online in a matter of days to reach existing and new players in the comfort of their homes.”

Online Popularity

Today it’s more popular than ever to go online for gambling entertainment. Casino customers can’t visit their favored brick-and-mortar venues because coronavirus has shut down, or severely limited, operations in most of the world’s casinos. Slowly, players are migrating to online casinos.

The online casinos are taking advantage of this opportunity in every way possible. They’re offering bonuses, free bets, free memberships and other enticements that are designed to bring gamers online.

Some land-based casinos have a head-start in the move to go online, thanks to recent changes in U.S. laws that allow sports-betting. In states where both sports betting and online sports betting is legal, a number of casinos have developed mobile apps that allow people to bet on sports from their mobile device. For them, where legal, it’s a short stretch to creating a mobile app that will allow patrons to play any of the casino games on their mobile device.

Developing a mobile app can take a couple of months but for those casinos that have already been offering sports betting online, the process may be easier. One big advantage that they have is that they are already recognized as a brand that offers online gaming entertainment, though at present, most of these apps are only for sports betting.


Currently, sports betting, which is legal in 17 states, is available for online betting in only  10 states including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Oregon, Montana and Rhode Island. Online casino gambling, with options for slots, online poker, online blackjack and online lottery games is legal in only three of those states – New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. 

If state governments support the re-establishment of America’s casinos when the coronavirus shutdown ends, they must be more proactive in legalizing the online gambling apps in more jurisdictions.

Nothing will ever take the place of the excitement of playing at a brick-and-mortar casino property, but until the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available, casino properties must figure out how to get their casinos online.

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