Casino hotels delve into tech to make user-experience more pleasant

Casino hotels are learning that Vegas casino online mobile tech is ideal for their guests’ needs.  Mobile tech facilitates streamlined check-in, targeted marketing opportunities, in-room customizations, cardless transactions, and more.

In addition to improving customer experience and gaining more satisfied guests, casino resorts are using the mobile tech to make the lives of the guests in the hotel easier so that they have more time to get onto the casino floor and can enjoy their gaming activities for longer periods.

Check In

Mobile check-in options help keep the hotel’s lines short so that “stay and play” guests can get checked into their hotel without the inconvenience of needing to stand in line. Casino guests are more easily and quickly connected to the casino floor which is where the hotel wants them in the first place.

The hotel simply needs to make the mobile app available to the guests. This powers the mobile check-in and the mobile key and cuts down on front desk friction.  Customers can get checked in within minutes and be out playing on the casino floor before the ice melts in their drinks.


The best way to get people betting and playing is to offer them discounts. Hotels can use the mobile app to present the guests with all of the casino’s discounts or, for a more personal experience, target marketing to the guests’ preferences and to their location. Using geolocation services the hotel can send out special offers and targeted promotions to help guests keep track of sweepstakes, property events, special deals and featured activities.

This feature is in use by many state lotteries who offer this information via their lottery mobile app. Users have the ability to check winning numbers, pick up tickets for an event, scan tickets to check for wins and purchase digital pay slips.

The casino app is also useful for time-sensitive events, activities and promotions. Patrons learn when events, and activities will take place and can adjust their schedules accordingly. The app is also useful to tell clients when a jackpot game is about to begin, alert them to tournament times, provide information about lottery draws and more.

Cardless Interactions

Thanks to hackers who steal credit card information when guests log into unsecured WiFi, people skimming point-of-sale information and other theft tricks, hotel guests don’t want to carry their credit or debit cards around. Hotels have become known as one of the biggest hotspots for credit card theft.

Tech-savvy casino hotels, who want guests to have access to spending options at all time, have started to adopt a cardless system. These systems work with a mobile app and a cell phone. The guest signs up for a “boarding pass” through the app. As long as there’s internet access, the guest can play at any of the casino’s gaming tables or gaming machines without worrying about cards, chips or cash.

In Room Customizations

There’s nothing that says “customer experience” for hotel guests like in-room customizations. Today, most people prefer to message or use a mobile app, rather than call on a phone. This means that they can engage with hotel staff easily and effectively. It’s a challenge for hotel managers to meet that need but review scores depend on meeting those expectations so hotel casinos are taking on the task of making it happen.

The trend is to find ways that guests can communicate with the staff without picking up a phone.  Hotel managers find that guests, especially millennials, will do anything to avoid calling the front desk. Thanks to a hotel’s mobile app, guests can control the lighting and temperature in their room, request things from the front desk via text messaging, order room service and, in general, interact in a way that turns them into repeat customers.

Casino Amenities

There is no end to the amenities that a resort hotel guest can enjoy in the casino itself with a casino hotel app. Some of these perks include:

  • Order, pay, and have drinks delivered to them while they’re on the floor at any of the slot machines or at any of the tables
  • Create personalized profiles based on rewards tier status
  • Access recent activity on game play
  • Participate in drawings, special promotions and giveaways
  • Access recent activity on game play
  • Redeem loyalty comps
  • Receive updates from the events calendar
  • Get transportation, indoor maps and directions including points of interest, games, specific tables, machines
  • Access hotel rooms with a digital key 


It’s worth noting that the hotel uses this technology to track its guests.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise and it may be off-putting to some guests who don’t want Big Brotherwatching them.  However, while the casino benefits by knowing which guests are their best customers, guests benefit through the free services that the app provides.


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