changes coming to the online casino gaming industry, including Grande Vegas

Casino gambling is now a largely online activity. Land-based casino sites have added online gambling options to their list of casino opportunities and multiple new online casinovenues open every month. Sports betting, which was once limited to brick-and-mortar bookmaker shops and retail casino sportsbooks, now brings in more money through online betting than it ever did when it was limited to physical wagering sites.

Technological advancements first opened casino online gaming in the ‘90s and mobile technology made the casinos accessible by WiFi and cellular connectivity a decade ago. Now the online casino, like our very own Grande Vegas Casino, is due for further upgrades and the results will likely cement online gambling entertainment as the world’s preferred form of gaming.


Online casinos are racing to bring the best gaming technology to their users because the industry has become highly competitive. The industry’s growth has created a situation in which the field is saturated and each casino promises its users the best gaming experience possible.

For an online casino to, indeed, provide its users with a top gaming adventure, it needs to stay competitive with user-friendly gameplay, a full menu of casino games and high-speed mobile access. In addition, it’s important for the casino to keep up to date with what new offerings are on the market so that it can deliver the same, if not more.

The best online casinos, like Grande Vegas, are staying at the top and edging out their competitors by leveraging technology so that gamers can look forward to a highly entertaining, interactive and novel casino experience. Today’s players are looking for “the experience” as opposed to simply gameplay. That’s what the online casino must provide today to draw the highest possible number of players to its site.

Some upcoming changes to watch for at the online casino include:

Mobile Technology

The ability of an online casino to be accessible by mobile seems to be obvious but there are many casinos that don’t offer mobile access. Therefore, in the coming years, it’s almost a given that all online casinos will be tailored to offer mobile friendly access. Developers will be challenged to design games that are supported by mobile software, can load easily on mobile and can play without draining the mobile device of its battery reserve.


Slots is a fairly easy game that requires little strategy or technical skill – you just click the button and the reels spin automatically. Slots is a totally luck-based game which players like for a limited amount of time – but at some point many slots players move on to something more engaging and challenging. 

To keep the interest of slots gamers and draw new slots players into the slots lobby, game designers are focusing on creating more realistic graphic imagery, better designs and more engaging storylines for the games. Thanks to today’s technology, game designers can add reels and paylines to the game, provide games with options to the traditional payline betting scheme, include varying elements and features to the game and add progressive jackpot features that increase the excitement by allowing players to compete for a jackpot prize.

Other trends include more winning combinations and more varied payout symbols, both of which are being explored as ways to keep players’ attention. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has been taking the video gaming industry by storm in recent years and now it is being investigated by online casino games designers as a possible addition to online games. Game designers believe that online slots would especially benefit from the inclusion of VR and, they say, with the stabilization of the technology, it could soon be a feature of many online slot machines.

Affordability is a major concern, both for designers and for casino operators. But many observers believe that the demand will soon become so great that if the games don’t start to incorporate VR, the casinos will find that players are going elsewhere.

The question, therefore, isn’t “if” but “when”. The cost may be mitigated by adding VR to existing games. VR poker games are already being designed at some studios with the designers combining the virtual environment with live streaming features to give players the opportunity to experience an atmosphere of land-based casino poker while sitting at home. 

Pay ‘n Play

Pay ‘n Play casinos have the potential to change the way that casinos engage with their customers.  As opposed to the current situation where players are required to submit their personal details every time they sign up to play at an online site and then verify their identity to withdraw winnings, a Pay and Play casino offers a secure alternative that allows gamers to jump from one casino to the next and enjoy a seamless gaming experience while playing on multiple platforms.

The player signs up once and can then gamble on multiple sites. The process speeds up the process of player interaction with the casino sites so they can access their preferred games within seconds. All player details are kept safe and secure and transactions are facilitated according to all casino regulations. 

Cryptocurrency Payments

As the demand rises for casinos to accept cryptocurrency payments, more and more casinos are complying with the requests. Cryptocurrency transactions are being adopted by more and more people and online casinos are finding that, if they want to keep up with the demand, they must adapt.

Online casinos are increasingly developing cybercurrency wallets that are safe and secure to provide their customers with the option. Blockchain technology is still young but those online casinos that plan to continue to offer services to games in the 21st century have either already added a cryptocurrency payment plan to their banking pages or will soon do so.


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