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Roulette is a classic casino game that has transitioned to the online platform. When you play online you enjoy all of the traditional interactive fun of the roulette table and betting options along with the ability to play at your leisure on your PC or mobile screen - phone or tablet. When you play roulette you enter a fantasy world of luxury and elegance. Roulette has, traditionally, been a favored game amongst the world's royalty and high society. Roulette tables mean big action, big bonuses and big payouts.

Beginners and veteran players alike enjoy the challenges that the roulette game presents where you have to make split-second decisions and weigh the alternatives in order to turn the game to your advantage and win generous prizes.

Roulette History

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games for both land-based casino players and online gamers. Roulette was one of the first games to adopted by the 18th century European casinos where it proved to be a favorite of the royal families and high society. Well-heeled vacationers flocked to the casinos along the French Riviera to discuss affairs of state, gossip, forge alliances and conduct business, all around the casinos' roulette tables.

The early casinos featured European Roulette but today you can find a wide range of roulette types including American Roulette, multi-wheel roulette, European roulette, French roulette and other types of roulette wheels. Each roulette variation has its own rules, but all follow the basic format of spinning wheels, tossed balls, betting tables, bonus giveaways, and big wins. 

Popular Roulette

Two of the most popular roulette variations – European roulette and American roulette – can be found at both land-based casinos and at online casinos.  Many traditional roulette gamers prefer to play European Roulette – often called the "original roulette." European roulette wheels have 36 pockets which, European roulette enthusiasts believe, provide extra advantages by allowing the players to more easily narrow down their prediction of where the tossed ball will land within the spinning roulette wheel.

Some more adventurous roulette competitors, however, prefer to play American Roulette which features thirty-seven pockets and is thought to offer a more dynamic and interactive roulette event. The online casino offers both American roulette and European roulette, giving players the chance to pick the game alternative that meets their individual betting style, strategy, and gaming level.     

Roulette Rules

If you're planning on playing roulette – regardless of the variation that you choose – it's a good idea to take some time to learn about the game. Casino advisors suggest that you review the basic roulette regulations before each round and even play a few rounds in the Free Mode in order to make sure that you remember the different bonus alternatives, options for wagering and winning strategies. It's also important to look over the tips that experts provide to increase your chance of winning.

The game starts when you deposit your bet which you will base on your prediction into which pocket the thrown ball will land. Then you throw the ball into a spinning wheel – 36 pockets in the wheel if you're playing European roulette and 37 pockets in the wheel if you're playing American roulette.  When the wheel stops spinning you match your prediction to the actual pocket into which the ball landed. Winnings are paid out based on how close your prediction and bet were to match the ball's actual landing pocket.

Betting Schedule

The betting options are the same for both European Roulette and American roulette. Wagering options include "inside bets" which involve trying to predict the range of pockets, or the exact number of pockets, into which you predict that the ball will land. Inside bets are based on the pocket's proximity to the ball's final landing place and are regarded as risky bets since odds on inside bets are lower than odds on outside bets.

You can also place an "outside bet" which is less risky but brings lower payouts. Outside bets are wagers that are based on a large positional grouping of pockets such as odd- or even-numbered pockets, red or black pockets, etc.  Outside bets have higher odds.

The bet that you place depends on the strategy that you want to play. You might decide to focus on inside bets because the payouts on those bets are higher than payouts for outside bets. If you think that inside bets are worth the risk, you'll be playing a riskier game but you'll have the chance to achieve higher payouts on your wins.

Inside bets include trio bets (wagers on the intersecting point between 2 numbers), straight bets (single number), split bets (wagers on 2 adjoining numbers), six line bets (wagers on two adjoining street), street bets (bets on 3 numbers on a single horizontal line) and basket bets (a bet on zeros, ones, twos or threes).

Experienced roulette players might try a Neighbor bet or a Call bet – Call Bets are wagers on simultaneously-placed groups of wagers (Voisins Du Zero, Tiers Du Cylindre and Les Orphelins wagers).

Neighbor Bets involve inside – straight-up – bets. In a neighbor bet you place your wager on one of the numbers that's on either side of the straight-up number. 

Roulette Tips

Casino consultants offer tips that you can use to help you maximize your game. They suggest that you focus on less risky outside bets as opposed to riskier inside bets. They also suggest that you play one number continuously over the course of multiple spins so that the law of probability will work in your favor.

Look forward to a gaming adventure of high caliber fun and excitement when you play casino roulette online at the Grande Vegas online casino.

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