Let Em Ride poker - try this variant at Grande Vegas online casino

There are many ways that you can play Let Em Ride blackjack but regardless of whether you want to play a friendly game with no money involved or a real money game where you have the chance to achieve cash prizes, the most convenient blackjack gaming opportunities are online.

Playing online Let it Ride and other blackjack games allows you to tailor your gaming experience to suit your personal needs and expectations. You can play for free, make low bets or play a VIP game where you compete for high stakes.

There’s no need to spend money to travel to a casino and find accommodations to enjoy high-quality blackjack fun and excitement. Just sign into your online casino account and play online at your convenience.

Blackjack Online

Blackjack enthusiasts have traditionally been some of the casino industry’s biggest fans. Players would crowd around blackjack tables at the early casinos on the French Riviera and later on in Vegas and other gambling centers.

The tables were limited to high-stakes players because the demand was so high so budget gamers were relegated to “observer” status and given the opportunity to stand around the main event and cheer the players on.

When the online casinos began to open in the 1990s, blackjack immediately became a popular attraction. Blackjack aficionados found that, now, they could play any of the blackjack variations for as long as they wanted at the betting level that suited their needs and expectations.

The online casino gave blackjack aficionados the chance to play their favorite game as they wished  -- at a fast or slow pace, with side bets and jackpots or just a straight blackjack hand.

At the Grande Vegas casino blackjack gamers can add extra bonus give-aways that allow them to play more blackjack games for more time for free. If Let ‘Em Ride is your preferred blackjack game you can play it exclusively or together with some of the other blackjack variations that Grande Vegas offers.

Classic Blackjack

The classic form of blackjack was once known as “21” and in many areas, it’s still called that. It evolved from the game of  Vignt-et-Un (21) which was once called Chemin de de Fer and was played in the Royal Court of King Louis XV. The game immigrated to the Americas with French immigrants in the 1700s and 1800s and was one of the first games featured at the Nevada casinos when they were built in the 1930s and ‘40s.

Blackjack became popular quickly and casinos soon instituted table limits so they could serve the high-stakes players. But budget players and casual blackjack gamers continued to look for ways to play their favorite game.

This became a reality when the online casinos opened in the 1990s. Suddenly regardless of the number of players at the blackjack table, it was possible for more to join. This in turn led to the development of new forms of blackjack which you can find at the Grande Vegas online casino today.


21 is the classic blackjack game – the way that it’s been played for hundreds of years. Playing 21 involves one simple goal – you want to build your hand so that it comes as close to a total value of 21 as possible but you don’t want to go over 21. Simultaneously, you want to end up with a hand whose value is greater than that of the dealer.

To play 21, you make your bet and receive two cards – one face up and one face down. The dealer receives the same 2 cards. If either you or the dealer receives a face card and an ace, that’s an immediate Blackjack! Whoever gets blackjack on the first deal wins.

Now you can take “hits.” Hits are additional cards which allow you to increase your total hand value. Before you take each hit you need to consider whether the additional card will bring you closer to 21 – while you stay under or at 21 -- or whether it will put you over 21, in which case, you immediately lose the hand.

After you finish building your hand the dealer builds his hand. If both hands remained under 21 you compare the 2 hands and the side that came closest to 21 without going over is the winner.

Grande Vegas casino features a number of popular blackjack variations. They include:

Let ‘Em Ride

If you want to play blackjack and take a chance on winning a separate jackpot prize, Let ‘Em Ride Blackjack is the game for you. In addition to the progressive jackpot aspect, the game itself is a bit more complicated and intriguing than a regular game of blackjack because it combines elements of blackjack with elements of poker.

The game starts out with 3 equal bets and a deal of 3 “up” cards and 2 “down” cards. You can then place a bet or “Let It Ride” and refrain from betting. After the first of the 2 hidden cards is revealed you can place a second bet or refrain and Let It Ride. Now the second hidden card is turned over. Payouts are made based on combinations similar to those of poker.

The progressive jackpot can trigger at any time.

Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack

Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack gives players the chance to double and split along with an option to participate in a side bet where they can bet on whether their first 2 cards will be of the same suit. Suited hands pay out based on the suit with a suited pair paying 5 to 1, a pair of suited Aces paying 60 to 1 and a suited 21 paying 10 to 1.

You might win both the hand and the side bet, just the hand or just the side bet.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

In Perfect Pairs, you play the game almost like the classic 21 but there’s an additional side bet option where you bet on your prediction that your first two cards will be a pair.

Enjoy a genuine casino adventure with real cash payouts when you play any of the blackjack variations at the Grande Vegas casino.

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