playing casino games with Bitcoin

Looking for an online bitcoin casino? Look no more! For an easy and convenient real money gaming event, select the “bitcoin” option to make your casino deposits and withdraw your winnings when you play at our very own Grande Vegas. Bitcoin is the world’s leading cybercurency and it’s now available to online gamers who want to play their favorite table games, slots games and specialty games for real cash prizes at the online casino.

You can play at the Grande Vegas online casino with bitcoin at any time and from any location on your PC or mobile device. Simply indicate your preference for bitcoin when you make your first deposit, link your bitcoin wallet to your casino account and from then onward,  you will automatically be using bitcoin for online casino games for all your future gaming adventures.

With bitcoin, you can make your bets and collect your winnings instantaneously. There’s no waiting period – as soon as you click on the “deposit” or “withdraw” button your funds will become available to you in the currency of your choice. At Grande Vegas, we are committed to making it as easy and convenient for you to play your games using the currency transaction method that meets your needs and expectations.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was the world’s first cybercurrency. It debuted in 2009 as an open-source software and included many existing ideas from the cryptography community. Since bitcoin’s introduction, many other cybercurrencies have emerged but bitcoin remains the largest and most-widely used cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin is used for buying and selling goods and services, investments and speculations. Among online casino gamers, bitcoin is favored as an expedient currency option that allows the user to make bets and withdraw winnings quickly and easily.

Bitcoin transactions are based on using bitcoins that have been “mined” – created through a process of solving complicated mathematical equations that verify the currency’s transactions. The worth of each coin is determined based on cryptography. Once the coin’s worth is determined it can be traded for a purchase or converted into any preferred currency.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s popularity is growing. Users say that using bitcoin offers a user-friendly, expedient and efficient method of transferring funds. There are many tutorials available to show new users how to facilitate bitcoin transactions at their leisure for any desired use.

Users say that using bitcoin offers multiple advantages that aren’t available through traditional online banking methods. Some include:

  1. Anonymity – users have the freedom to transfer currency and stay anonymous. There’s no need to provide any personal information in order to make a transaction and transactions can’t be tracked by either government or private bodies. There’s no oversight from any government body or central banking authority.
  2. Foreign currency transaction – there are no foreign currency transfer fees. Traditional banking institutions often charge a foreign currency transfer fee of as much as 5% of the transfer. There are no such fees with bitcoin so you don’t have to pay any additional costs if you want to withdraw your winnings in your preferred currency.   That also means that bitcoin transactions can’t be frozen or blocked. Bitcoin can be transferred to a fiat currency through any online or land-based bank account.
  3. Security – using bitcoin encryption codes means that transactions are accomplished safely and securely. As long as the user doesn’t share his/her password with other individuals, accounts can’t be hacked and funds can’t be stolen.
  4. Inflation – regardless of inflation or currency fluctuations, the value of the bitcoin doesn’t change except within its own ecosystem, as determined by its supply, the market’s demand for it, investor sentiment, availability and competing cryptocurrencies.
  5. Counterfeiting – bitcoin can’t be counterfeit
  6. Acceptance – bitcoin is now accepted by many of the world’s biggest ecommerce sites and other retailers around the world

Playing Bitcoin Games

You can use Bitcoin to play any of your favorite casino games at the Grande Vegas online casino. The Grande Vegas games lobby has an extensive menu of online games including table games that include craps, sic bo, bingo, roulette, keno, poker, blackjack and three-reel, five-reel and six-reel slot machines.

All of the Grande Vegas games are available for free gaming fun in the Free Mode where you can play with no wagering requirements. When you’re ready to play for real, navigate to the “Real Mode” and place your deposit to play for real.

To play via bitcoin, navigate to the Grande Vegas Casino Banking page and click the “Bitcoin” logo to fund your casino account via your bitcoin wallet. The casino-bitcoin link is secure so there’s no possibility that your account could be accessed by a third-party. Follow the instructions to link your bitcoin account to your casino account. Add funds to your casino account and use those funds for your gaming deposits.

You can use bitcoin to fund all your casino activities including casino tournaments, progressive jackpot deposits and more. All of your casino bonuses will be delivered via your casino bitcoin account. These include the 150% Welcome Special, the Grand Monday Raffle, the Quickie Boost, the Grande Weekday Raffle and more.

For a high quality gaming experience that allows you to access all your gaming amenities in the most efficient and rewarding way possible, sign into the Grande Vegas online casino where you can play casino games in a way that suits your individual needs and expectations.


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