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Poker enthusiasts and people who are just beginning to explore the world of poker will enjoy a high level of poker entertainment and real money excitement when they enter the poker room at the Grande Vegas online casino. Grande Vegas offers a wide range of video poker games including video poker for both budget players and VIP high-stakes competitors.

Playing video poker online gives you the chance to play whenever and from wherever you want. You have your choice of multiple poker variations ranging from Deuces Wild Poker and Sevens Wild Poker to the fun-filled Double Double Jackpot Poker that offers you the chance to achieve an additional jackpot prize along with your regular wins. The Grande Vegas games’ lobby allows you to check out the different poker options and even play them for free in the casino’s Free Mode so that you can find the game that fits your individual betting preference and playing style.

All of the Grande Vegas games play on your PC gaming device or your personal mobile so regardless of your schedule or accessibility, you can play at your own convenience at the Instant Casino via Internet connectivity or at the Download Casino via downloaded casino software.

Some of the most popular video poker games at Grande Vegas include:

Aces and Eights Video Poker

When you play Aces and Eights you’re playing the dealer using one deck of 52 cards. The first deal gives you five cards and you can hold or trade as many of those cards as you want as you work towards building the best hand possible.

After you bet and accept the initial five cards you then have the chance to trade any of the cards in your hand, again, working towards the strongest poker hand possible.

Aces and Eights is similar to Jacks or Better but offers better payouts for Four of a Kind of Aces or Eights, Four of a Kind for Sevens or any other Four of a Kind. Hand rankings for Aces are Eights are:

  • Royal Flush – highest possible hand
  • Four of a Kind (Aces or Eights)
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind (Sevens)
  • Four of a Kind (any)
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind (any)
  • Two Pairs
  • Pair of Jacks or Better

Joker Poker

Joker Poker is played with a traditional 52-card deck with the addition of a joker. The joker is wild and can substitute for any other card to create a poker hand. To play Joker Poker, place your bet and select the number of hands that you wish to play at one time. You can play several hands at once so even if you end up losing one hand, you might still win your other hands…a handy option!

You receive your first 5 cards and then discard those that you don’t want to keep. The dealer will replace the cards that you discard with other cards. Each of your hands is counted individually. If you have a joker in a hand, you can use the joker to substitute for any other card – so, for instance, if you have a pair of Aces, the joker can count as your third Ace giving you three of a kind!

The poker strategy for Joker Poker is a bit different than that of other poker variations. Joker Poker strategy tips include:

  • If you have a joker and if there’s a card that’s not a part of combinations four cards to a flush, four cards to a straight, four cards to a straight flush, four of a kind and four cards to a royal flush, discard that card.If you have a joker and there are two cards that do not make up a straight flush or three of a kind, discard those 2 cards.
  • For other hands, keep the Joker if you have it and discard the rest, even if it means discarding all 5 cards.
  • If you don’t have a joker and you have 3 of a kind, discard the other 2 cards
  • If you don’t have a joker and you are dealt four of a kind, discard the 5th
  • You may be able to land a full house if you have 2 pairs so discard the 5th card if there’s no joker in your hand.

Caribbean Draw Poker

Caribbean Draw Poker is the most interactive and the most energetic of the Caribbean poker series. The game requires a high level of player involvement along with a basic skill level. To play, you place a bet on the game and, if you want, an optional progressive side bet for the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot prize.

You’ll receive 5 cards as will the dealer, though only one of the dealer’s cards is exposed. You can fold, call or discard up to 2 cards. The dealer will replace any discarded cards and then reveal his hand. The dealer can also now discard and replace up to 2 cards. The two hands are compared and the side with the stronger hand wins.

The progressive jackpot will be paid out on your initial five card hand.

The main strategy for Caribbean Draw Poker is to never fold, always keep playing. This is because the dealer has only a little more than a 50% chance of winning so 48 percent of the time, the player wins.

It’s also good to know that with pairs, you discard the two lowest cards that aren’t part of your pair, breaking up the pair only when you have a chance to draw a straight flush or a four-card royal.


All of the Grande Vegas bonuses are applicable to all poker variations. These bonuses include a Welcome Bonus for new players, bitcoin bonuses for bitcoin players, Comp Points a VIP bonus for players who accumulate up to 500 comp points during any 3-month period and cashback deals for games that you play with no bonuses attached.

Enjoy a fun-filled poker event at Grande Vegas online casino!

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