Legends of the High Seas slot machine - here at Grande Vegas Casino

Ahoy me hearties! Steer the sloop straight for the reels and stay away from Davy Jones locker as you hunt for Vegas online slots treasures in the Legends of the High Seas online slot.

Legends of the High Seas slot machine gives you a chance to live out your swashbuckling fantasies as you create winning combinations of parrots, maps, treasure chests, hooks and colored letters and numbers.

This game will take you on a virtual voyage where you explore the exciting world of pirates, their mates and the riches that await those who are prepared to set out on the intrepid Caribbean adventure.

Slot Excitement on the High Seas

Legends of the High Seas takes the captivating theme of pirate adventures and adds vivid graphics, realistic audio effects and compelling animations to transport you to the deck of a pirate ship. Buccaneers are invited to spin the reels of the machine and line up matching symbols as they aim to achieve the highest payouts plssible.

Along the way you’ll encounter wild symbols, scatters, bonus rounds, free spins and jackpot bonanzas, all of which are added to your Win Box so that you can collect your cash wins at the end of the game.

When you open the Legends of the High Seas slot machine you’ll find the symbol-laded screen set against the backdrop of a treasure-filled room where gold coins and jewelry sparkle from every corner.

Every time you create a completed payline on this five-reel, three-row 25-payline slot machine you’ll collect some of those riches – the amount that you collect is dependent on the type of combination that you match.

Bets range from low-level wagers of a coin or two per payline to high-stakes deposits of $10 per line but if you want to play the game without making any bets, you can play for free in the Free Mode. The choice is yours.

There’s plenty more pirate wealth waiting for you – you just need to move through the bonus games and free spins to keep plundering.

Special Features

If your regular game wins aren’t enough, the game’s special features can help you amass additional gold coins, gemstones and other pirate assets. Keep the scallywags traveling around the Caribbean on the search for matching symbols and real money prizes.

Watch the horizon for the Wild Symbol, Captain Redbeard who is the game Wild Symbol. Redbeard will do anything to protect his ill-gotten gains so you have to tread carefully so that he won’t spot you as you search for your share of the fortune.

The Redbeard symbol substitutes for other symbols to create more combinations. Redbeard appears randomly on the reels which means that you never know where and when he may be lurking around the corner but whoa is you’re caught – he’ll have you hanging from the yardarm before breakfast.

You don’t want to avoid Redbeard all together because when he does appear, he completes the combinations AND he doubles the payout of any match in which he appears.

The Legend of the High Seas’ logo is the game’s scatter symbol. Three scatter symbols, appearing in any position on the reels, triggers a Scatter combination payout as well as the Free Spins round. After your scatter combination payout is calculated you’ll be taken out of the base game and into the free spins game to spin the reels for free. All Free Spins wins are multiplied x3.

Three scatters, appearing during a free spin, retriggers the ENTIRE free spins round so you get another 15 free spins ON TOP of your original free spins that you had originally. The free spins can retrigger over and over again, giving you multiple opportunities to spin the reels for free if the scatters keep popping up!

Jackpot Bonanza

Your treasure-seeking days aren’t over – this game offers a progressive jackpot bonanza that delivers a major jackpot prize to the luckiest buccaneers. Dead men tell no tales but the secret of competing for the progressive jackpot prize involves a simple side bet that you make along with your regular game bets.

While you’re making your deposit all Legends of the High Seas players from around the world are making their own jackpot deposits which creates a typhoon-sized jackpot pool that everyone has their eye on.

As you get your sea legs during the regular game and free spins, you’ll all be watching to see which of the rum-guzzling privateers will spin 5 matching jackpot symbols. Whoever makes that spin wins the entire jackpot booty!

Legends of the High Seas slot provides an exciting pirate-themed real money game for landblubbers and scurvy dog sailors alike. The game features multipliers, bonus rounds, free spins and a lucrative jackpot prize that makes this pirate-themed slot machine a winner!


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