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Grande Vegas online casino is moving into summer with a fresh, lighthearted three-reel online slot that puts the fun in Funky! The game combines an expanding gameboard of 3  reels and 3 paylines with symbols that glitter and sparkle. Open your Grande Vegas Real Money Slots account and start spinning for a chance to enjoy a high volatility slot that wafts in with the summer breeze with a whiff of fresh entertainment.

3 Reel Slot Excitement

3 reel slot machines were the first “one-armed bandits” that were introduced over 100 years ago. For almost 80 years, they were the only type of slot machines available but with the mechanization of the machine at Vegas casinos in the ‘70s, new opportunities arose to design more engaging and more interactive slots. Yet many slots gamers continue to prefer the traditional three-reel slots which, they say, have some advantages over five-reel slots.

Many gamers find three-reel slots to be simpler and easier to play which makes them ideal for those who prefer straightforward gameplay without complex rules. Beginners especially appreciate the three-reel slots which offer a classic experience with the retro appeal of straightforward mechanics.

One unexpected, yet statistically proven benefit of three-reel slots is that they generally (not always, but mostly) have a higher high frequency. That means that the player is more likely to achieve more winning combinations. It should be noted that, together with the more frequent hits, the payouts tend to be smaller when compared to five reel slots. But even though the wins aren’t as large, the consistent payouts can be quite satisfying.

Gameplay tends to be faster on a three-reel slot machine thanks to the simplicity of the machine’s design. That means that the player can complete more spins in a shorter period with less downtime between spins.

Since three-reel slots generally require lower minimum bets, they are more accessible to players who want to gamble with a smaller budget so it’s easier for gamers to manage their bankroll. 3 reel slots enthusiasts say that, without the complex features and numerous bonus rounds found in five-reel slots, three-reel slots allow them to focus more on the core gameplay for a purer and less adulterated slot experience.

Wonder Reels

Grande Vegas has just released a new three-reel slot, Wonder Reels. Wonder Reels has all the charm of a traditional classic slot machine along with some extra features that will ensure that will keep you on your toes. There are no paylines in this slot – it’s a Ways to Win slot machine with 27 Ways that expand up to 45 Ways. That means, every spin gives you a minimum of 25 Ways to Win with more Ways to Win as the game progresses.

Symbols include the main slots “7” and “Bar” symbols along with diamonds and a Wild that appears on the main 3 x 3 gameboard to substitute for other symbols and create winning pay ways. If your spin results in the top award you’ll walk away with 36,000 times your base bet.

The Ways Booster is triggered when any winning combination randomly triggers the feature (the Booster isn’t triggered by a Scatter combination payout.) The Booster activates four extra reels that generally don’t spin when the other reels are spinning.

These inactive reels are located at the left, right, top, and bottom of the gameboard. The inactive reels trigger randomly and when they do, the gameboard expands to boost the Ways to Win opportunities from 27 to 45. If you achieve 45 Ways to win you’ll collect one respin.

After the payouts are delivered, the extra reels return to inactive position, the game returns to 27 Ways to Win and you have to trigger the Booster to achieve another Ways Booster.

The game’s Scatter is the Bonus symbol. If your spin results in three Scatters, appearing anywhere on the gameboard simultaneously, you’ll receive 10 free spins, to be played at the bet amount of the triggering spin. During the Free Spins round, the extra reels activate, expanding the gameboard to 45 Ways. The Free Games feature can be retriggered when there are no more free spins left.

Jackpot Re-Spins

If five Diamond symbols emerge on any spin, you’ll receive one Jackpot ReSpin, during which, only Diamonds and blank positions appear on the reels. During the Jackpot Respin, the extra reels are activated and Diamond symbols hold in place while the remaining positions spin again, one additional time.

The number of Diamond symbols that appear on the Respin will determine your multiplier. Maximum multipliers are 250x the total bet for 11 Diamond Symbols or 500x the total bet for 12 Diamond Symbols. The Jackpot Re-Spin feature can be triggered during the Free Spins round.

Real Money Gaming Entertainment

Wonder Reels is available for real money gaming entertainment at the Grande Vegas casino. You can play for free in the Free Mode to learn the game, practice the features and get used to the gameplay. When you’re ready to play for real money, make a deposit via your preferred ebank or crypto ewallet and start playing. There are no paylines to enable on this game with bets – you bet on each spin for a coin or two a spin or more, depending on your budget and gaming preferences.

Have a wonderful time playing Wonder Reels at Grande Vegas!

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