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In the last 30 years, the popularity of online gaming has skyrocketed. Gamers can now play their favorite casino games at the Vegas online casino anytime and from any location at their personal convenience on any Internet-connected device.

However, as the industry has grown, so have efforts by scammers to take advantage of online activities in order to gain access to players’ casino accounts, ebanking accounts and private information.

Scammers have many tricks up their sleeves that they use to gain casino customers’ trust and, from there, money.

Casino advisors believe that, one of their top priorities should involve helping gamers play securely online. By taking basic safety measures, they say, casino customers can look forward to a satisfying and protected gaming event.

Some things to watch remember:


Choose a trustworthy online casino (wink wink...Grande Vegas). There are dozens – even hundreds – of online casinos that offer their services today but many of them are unregulated. If the casino doesn’t take the basic steps to protect you while you are using their services, they are not to be trusted with your patronage.

Check to see which gaming software the casino uses. Is it certified by a licensed provider?

Recognized gaming licenses are granted by governmental authorities such as the Curaçao eGaming Authority (our overseer), the Antiguia Gaming Authority, the National Betting Authority of Cyprus, the Gaming Supervision of the Isle of Man and the Anjouan Corporate Services of Comoros. These governmental bodies supervise the developers to ensure that the games that they design produce fair and random results.

You can check casino reviews on the Internet to get feedback from past casino customers and find out how they rate their experiences with the casino.

Payment Methods

Most online casinos offer a variety of payment methods so, regardless of whether you prefer to pay with a credit or debit card, with a wire transfer service, with an evoucher or ewallet or with cryptocurrency, you’ll be able to enjoy secure casino ebanking services.

The key word here is “secure” – you must make sure that the online banking services that you’ll be using are encoded with 128-bit cryptology and are secured with SSL encryption.

That means that both the ebank and your online casino must have these safety protocols in place. Look at the footer of your casino page as well as the footer of your ebanking page to make sure that you’re using services that employ the highest levels of privacy.

If you are conducting your casino deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency, your transactions should be secure. In all cases, you should not make any currency transactions while you’re connected to a public Wifi server. Wait until you are using a private server so that you can make deposits with withdraw your winnings in the safest manner.


Your casino account, as well as your ebanking account, is secured with a password. Even if you’re using crypto for money transfers, you need a password for your ewallet. NEVER share your password with anyone.

Even the most trustworthy person may make a mistake and unwittingly give your information away. The best way to avoid such problems is to adhere to the policy of never sharing your password.


eMail is often used by hackers to gain access to a user’s personal information and account information. That’s why a reputable online casino will never use email for personal communications. All communications from the casino should be found in your account in the casino website’s inbox.

That means that you should take care to refrain from clicking on any links in any email that purports to come from the casino or share any account information or personal data through email.

If you ever have any questions about whether a communication from the casino is legitimate, contact the casino support line via the casino’s online chat box. That way you can be sure that you are speaking directly with the casino itself.

Terms and Conditions

In today’s online world, people tend to click “Agree” to all Terms and Conditions when they sign up for anything but that can be a mistake. Take the time to read the Terms and Conditions, especially as it relates to how you will withdraw your payouts after your game. Is there a minimum amount that you can withdraw? A maximum amount? How long will it take? These are details that you should know before you sign up for a casino account.


All the safety precautions in the world won’t make a difference if your gaming device isn’t secure. Make sure that your device is secured with the latest anti-virus software and firewall protection. Avoid playing real money games (free games are fine) on public or unsecured Wifi networks – doing so may compromise your private information.

Update your software regularly and use strong, unique passwords for your casino and ebanking accounts – the passwords should be a mixture of small and large letters, numbers and symbols.

Change your passwords periodically and keep a record of the latest passwords in a safe (preferably not online) location.

These guidelines will enhance your online safety and security to enjoy safer casino gaming.

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