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The Internet has created many new types of jobs including “influencers” – people who use social media to influence people to buy specific products or services.

Influencers impact the marketplace by shaping trends, opinions, and consumer behavior.  Influencers are active in many industries including in the fashion and beauty industries, in the fitness and wellness industries, in the travel and hospitality industries, in the food and beverage industry, in the tech industry, in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, in fiancé and investing, in home and lifestyle and other businesses.

One sector where influencers are extremely impactful is in the gaming and entertainment industry. Both brick-and-mortar casino gambling and online casino gambling are growing. This, in turn,  fuels the expansion of games and promotional bonuses that are offered.

Casino influencers use their social media platforms to share their thoughts on these trends and on issues like responsible gambling as they encourage veteran casino gamers to try new features and win over new audiences. Everyone wins as the world of real money gaming becomes more accessible to more people who become more knowledgeable about how to enjoy this new form of entertainment.

Benefits of Following Casino Influencers

If you’ve never followed an influencer, searching out a well-informed casino influencer can be a bit of a challenge. However, if you take the time to identify an influencer who can give you the information that you need, you’ll find yourself prepared to experience a more fulfilling casino adventure.

Gambling influencers have a lot of knowledge about many different types of gambling-related topics so they can prepare you to get the most out of your gambling adventure.

Regardless of whether you’re a veteran player or a novice gamer – a good influencer will be able to educate you in a way that allows you to maximize your casino visit. By melding in factors such as entertainment, social engagement and variety, a good influencer can enhance any player’s individual gaming experience.

Influencers stay up on the latest casino news and trends so by following your preferred influencer, you’ll be able to find current information about new games, new banking methods, new security protocols, new bonus promotions and more.

Influencers use videos, blogs and posts to provide you with that data. In addition to regular updates, influencers offer experience reports as they review games and point their followers to valuable references that can enhance each player’s gaming experience. This type of information may include terms and conditions of the various providers, payout ratios of specific games, Return to Player percentages of the different slot machines and so on.

Followers will also gain from the exchange of news, information and opinions that are featured on the influencers’ social media channels. In addition to the information, this type of give-and-take facilitates the building of gamers’ communities and networks.

You have the opportunity to interact with other like-minded players through blog posts and comments, reviews, discussions and votes. Along with taking part in a certain community actively, you can also use the chance to share your opinions and preferences to help shape and develop the casino industry.

Finding Casino Influencers

There are casino influencers on every social media platform for both land-based and online casino. These individuals post written content and broadcast videos that give their followers information about the latest in casino gaming.

In addition, they maintain their community networks so that followers can experience gaming entertainment in the company of other individuals with similar interests. Some of the places where you can find casino influencers include:


Twitch is the market leader for online livestreaming so for viewers who want to watch their influencers play a streaming game, Twitch is probably the best place to do that. In addition to watching the lifestreams, you can take part by interacting in the live chat with other viewers.

Emotes is a popular Twitch feature where you can add comments in the form of animations or texts during live chats. Your Emotes options are dependent on your subscription, with more expensive subscription packages including more complex and more engaging Emotes. There are international influencers on Twitch which gives you the largest number of streams and influencer channels.


YouTube is the platform of choice for many influencers who want to spread their content via video and livestream with options for stream highlights and montages for gambling content videos. Many content creators take advantage of the YouTube option to create short videos of major hits and bonus hunts.

YouTube viewers can interact with the community by rating videos or commenting in the live chats or comment section. That gives users the chance to network with other casino aficionados from all over the world.


Facebook is probably the most well-known social media platform. In recent years, it has appealed more to older users but casinos value that reach because it allows them to reach serious players. For casino influencers, Facebook has a number of advantages.

On Facebook, it’s easy to introduce and represent casino providers by creating public profiles that are easily accessible.

Secondly, it’s easy to create and manage groups that become casino communities where users can share common interests and topics and find other influencers, casino enthusiasts, providers and chains.


Instagram focuses on allowing users to create personal profiles which, together with their content, gives followers the chance to join communities and network.

Instagram is a “story” platform where the audience experiences the influencer’s gaming journey through his/her private insights. Many viewers prefer Instagram because the platform highlights hashtags which simplifies the search for relevant content using hashtags like #gambling, #jackpot or #win.


Twitter is a short message service where posts are limited to 280 characters so conciseness, topicality and briefness are the most valued characteristics. That makes Twitter highly suited for the rapid spread of news and information.

Influencers use Twitter to inform their communities about the latest offers and developments in the gambling world. This can include announcements of livestreams, events, new games, new bonus offers and new innovations alongside documentation of casino experiences.

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