land-based casinos vs. online casinos?

Despite high prices and travel frustrations, many gamblers continue to flock to Las Vegas. Vegas, known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” is famous for its vibrant casinos and opulent atmosphere. Hard-core and casual gamers alike gather in Vegas to enjoy casino entertainment.

Until recently, there were few options for gamblers who wanted to experience real money gaming action but today, casino enthusiasts have more choices than ever thanks to new casino centers and Vegas online casino options.

The emergence of online gambling platforms brings a new dimension to the Vegas casino experience. Gamblers can enjoy casino entertainment from the comfort of their own homes as they open their favorite table games, slot machines, lotteries and other specialty games on any Internet-connected PC or mobile device.

How do you decide whether to play at a land-based casino or online? Can you do both? If you are accustomed to Vegas casino gambling, will online gaming offer the same type of entertainment and the same benefits? Some points to consider if you’re exploring online gaming:


Gamers will find the same gaming opportunities when playing both online or at an in-person casino. Both casinos feature traditional casino games like blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat and craps along with dozens of slots and other types of video gaming machines.

Many players find the online casino to be a more welcoming atmosphere because there are no table minimums, meaning that, when playing online, everyone can play the game of their choice, regardless of whether they’re playing for high stakes or at a budget level.

In addition, the online casino games lobby lists a wide range of variations of the basic games so everyone can find a version that suits his or her personal preferences.

For instance, if you like poker, you aren’t limited to the land-based casino’s basic poker tables but rather, you can play any of the multiple poker variations including those with jackpot games, poker with side bets, multi-player, multi-deck and other different types of basic poker.


Both land-based and online casinos deliver bonuses to their customers but the brick-and-mortar casinos distribute bonuses that are, basically, casino-based. They give bonuses that you can use while you’re visiting the casino like free drinks, discounts on restaurant meals and discounts on hotel accommodations.

In contrast, the bonuses at the online casinos are cash bonuses that translate into cash prizes. The online casinos’ bonuses include match credits, comp points, casino cash and other types of give-aways that allow you to play more games for more time for free.

Then, the wins from your free gaming activities are added to your other winning payouts which you can withdraw to your online bank account and use for any future purchases of goods or services.

It’s easy to pick up your coupons for online casino bonuses. Just sign into your account, choose your game and click “bet.” The relevant coupons will appear immediately so you can use them at your leisure for all of your gaming events.

Social Interaction

Many Vegas casino visitors say that one of the highlights of their casino visits involves the opportunity to enjoy the social interaction that casino play offers. It’s fun to meet people at the gaming tables or in the slots rooms, sit next to other gaming aficionados who are enjoying the same type of casino entertainment and compare wins with fellow players.

Online gamers now have that opportunity as well. The online casino is, increasingly, a platform where you can connect with other gamers through tournament play and progressive jackpot games.

The progressive jackpot games are games in which, in addition to the base game, there’s a small additional side bet that you can place.

Players from around the world make these jackpot bets and the bets go into a general jackpot pool. When one player, somewhere in the world, hits the jackpot, he collects the entire jackpot prize that’s made up of all of the bets of all of the participating players from around the world!

The casino also features tournaments in which gamers can compete against one another for the tournament prize. There are both freeroll tournaments where players place bets and tournaments with entry fees. In both cases, the prizes can be massive and the fun of competing against other like-minded players is rewarding.

Security and eBanking

When you play at a Vegas retail casino you may find your betting options limiting but when you play online, everything operates smoothly via online banking platforms. The casino supports a wide range of ebanking methods including wire transfers, credit and debit cards, evouchers and cybercurrency payments and withdrawals.

Once you open a casino account you can immediately begin to make your deposits and withdraw your winnings back into your online account. The online casino uses 128-BIT encryption technology with SSL certification to ensure the safety of your online transactions.

If you’re looking for a casino adventure that features convenience, social interaction, personal preferences and a high security protocol, check out the online casino.

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