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For many people, the term “casino,” doesn’t conjure up images of high tech. The phrase “casino gaming” evokes images of James Bond, lights and bells, an enormous slots room, poker tables, roulette wheels and other icons that represent Vegas gambling venues where a small bet has the potential to deliver a life-changing win.

Now that there are online casinos, people assume that a platform has simply taken classic casino games and made them accessible in digital form.  Introducing our very own Grande Vegas Casino online slots library.

Maybe that was true of the online casino of the ‘90s and early 2000s but today, online casinos like Grande Vegas have gone waaaay beyond that. Online casinos are optimizing a wide range of technological advances to make the casino more accessible, more user-friendly, more responsible to players’ needs and more interactive on all levels. Thanks to today’s tech, playing casino games online is more entertaining than ever.

Casino Growth

At the end of 2019, 3 months before the COVID pandemic sent much of the world’s population into “shelter at home” mode, the global market size of online gambling was valued at $53.7 billion. The online gambling industry’s growth was a logical conclusion.

Vegas gamblers turned to online gaming platforms where they could continue their real money gaming habits but millions of other individuals found themselves giving online gambling a try in an effort to keep busy and entertained while stuck at home.

What has surprised observers is how the online casino industry has continued to grow at roughly the same pace as it did during the pandemic. Today the online casino industry is valued at $123.80 billion and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Observers note that the estimated CAGR of 5.05% will see the industry reach a projected market volume of $191.36 billion in 2029. Most revenue is generated in the United States but a number of other countries are seeing considerable growth in online casino penetration including India, Canada, the UK and in many African countries.


As it becomes clear that investments in online casino platforms pay off, online casino operators, games developers and designers and other entities that support the industry are increasingly willing to expand those investments, especially in technological elements that create successful gambling experiences for online casino customers.

These technological improvements range from AI-run chatboxes and Virtual Reality games to better mobile-accessibility, live dealer games and more. Some of the new tech that’s rolling out at the online casino these days includes:


Whereas once, casinos kept a support staff online 24/7 who could answer all questions about the games, the banking details, registration procedures and other gaming issues, today AI-run chatboxes are performing that same service effectively and efficiently.

If you have any type of question about your visit to the online casino, you can type it into the chatbox and receive a response within minutes. The chatboxes are equipped to respond in a wide range of languages. If there’s a question that the chatbox can’t answer, a support line worker can take over.

But since many of the questions are repetitive, having the AI chatbox available to respond to questions saves everyone time.

Mobile Access

Within the last 10 years, online casinos have made great strides to ensure that all of their games, banking transactions, bonus give-aways and other amenities are accessible to mobile players.

85% of gamers use their mobile device to gamble online at least part of the time while overall, 58% of all online gambling activity takes place on mobile.

Game developers began to roll out mobile versions of their new games approximately 10 years ago and the surge in usage convinced them to invest in redesigning all of their games to enable them for mobile.

Today our Grande Vegas platform is totally mobile-accessible. That means that you can play your games on your mobile browser or download the casino into your mobile device and play at your convenience at any time and from any location.


Internet casino games were once based on two-dimensional graphics but advancements in the video games industry created a demand for game graphics that offered the same kind of realism and depth as video gamers were enjoying.

Most of today’s games are created with 3D graphics and pixelation which has revolutionized the visual experience that allows players to fully immerse in the game. Gamers experience gameboards with more intricate details and realistic animations that replicate a brick-and-mortar casino experience.

Today’s games also have in-depth storylines and adventure that enhances the gaming experience.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The place that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will have for online players in the online casino of the future is the industry’s biggest question. These technologies could create more immersive games where the digital world is overlaid onto the real world and the player enters a completely new virtual environment.

But many casino advisors are not convinced that that’s the type of experience that casino gamers are really searching for. Online platforms seem to adopting a wait-and-see attitude before they commit to such an investment which would be dependent on consumer demand.

As the online casino industry grows, so does its commitment to enhancing the gaming experience of its patrons through advanced technology and good customer service.

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